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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Dubai 2015 - Part 4 Vlog

Last Year we went on our family holiday to Dubai! I've recently had the time to finish editing some footage and so I've managed to get Part 4 up on our Youtube Channel. It's well overdue but it's my mission to get all of out holiday footage up because I'd like Tyler and Tianne to have these special memories forever. But it'd be fun if you joined us too, don't forget to Like and Subscribe. 

Lots of Love

Monday, 18 January 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Menu | January

Happy Monday! 

I told myself that I'd get right back into blogging come the new year, like I'd instantly become a regular blogger just because the year changed to 2016. Wishful thinking!

It wasn't actually my fault that my plan didn't go to... well, plan. You see we've just moved house *Big Gasp* and we've been through the hellish weeks of having no internet whilst it's being transferred over! Nightmare, absolute nightmare, surviving without the internet now is just plain hard work! I had to drive to the next village just for 3G! Country side joys I guess.

But nevertheless it's back on now and the strange confused feeling I felt from going cold turkey internet style has almost disappeared, which means I can post my, now two weeks late, blog post!

It's something that I've never done before but with some new goals in place, ahem become organised, preparing a meal plan in advance feels like I've gone through some magical transformation, I've actually had a meal on the table at the end of almost every day! For two weeks straight! 

I'm finding myself going on now, as I tend to do when I finally sit down and blog, like that isn't a clear enough indicator to blog more? 

I've included meals for myself on the days that the kids are at Nursery, just so I can keep checking and hopefully stay on track, I'm trying to cut down on carbs, so therefore I'll obviously pass on the carb options, no Mash for me!

I'll be trying to post Meal Plans every Monday from now on, it's working for me, just having an idea in place takes most of the hard work away. As I make meals, if everything goes to plan I'll hopefully be able to link to recipes I've found and tried and that have worked for us so you can take a look at those too.

Menu, Meal Plan, Weekly Meal Plan and Menu

Do you like to meal plan in advance? Any tips on how to change things up weekly, I'd love to hear them!

Lots of Love

Sunday, 27 December 2015

December 2015 Sale Picks

Boxing Day Sales, December 2015 Sales, Makeup Revolution, Abercrombie, Hollister, Hotel Chocolat, Monsoon

I've made the most of the Boxing Day sales this year. Not that I don't usually but I've started next years Christmas shopping and I'm not even ashamed to admit it, I've managed to pick up quite a few items which I'd have probably chosen this year had I of found them earlier so I'm rather pleased with myself to say the least.  I haven't told Dan about my savvy shopping however, I think I'll leave that part unsaid. 

I've been particularly impressed with a few sales however, enough to spread the word and hope you manage to pick up some bargains. Other sales I've been equally disappointed with particularly SpaceNK, Stila and FeelUnique. I don't feel the beauty sales have been hitting it this year like they have in the past.

Here's my top picks for the Boxing Day Sales 2015 

Lush is a sale I've never taken much notice of in the past but I've now learned that they have a 50% off sale online and in store which is pretty amazing, Lush is great, I love Lush products so theres a couple of things I need in my life. I did try and get onto the Lush sale Boxing Day evening however I was number 14793 in the queue and it was going to take well over an hour to enter the site so I decided against the chance to go crazy when I finally got on, today however there are still some items left and no queue! Winner! 
My favourites include the Lush Snow Fairy Castle £10.98, Lush Golden Wonders Bath Bomb £1.98 and Lush it's Christmas Deer Gift Box £13.25

Makeup Revolution's sale has probably been my favourite beauty sale this year, I managed to spend about £30.50 on makeup despite already having enough makeup to last me a lifetime, It's my weak spot in life. But with eyeshadows starting from as little as 50p you can't go wrong and there is no harm in adding a few extra palettes to life right?
Favourites from the Sale are the Brow Palette £4.00, Cream Blush Palette £4.00, Ultra Professional Collection 2016 £10.00 and Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight Expert £6.00

Hotel Chocolat has a small sale on now, as though we haven't indulged enough over Christmas! But if you've got a love for luxury chocolate then it's perhaps a good time to pick up some whilst its on offer. We're talking 50% off, if your quick then you can get it ordered before your New Years Resolutions!

Other Sales that I've been really impressed with and picked up a couple of things from are the Abercrombie sale, many items are 50% off. Don't forget to check out the kids section too!

The Hollister & Co sale, for a cheaper alternative to the Abercrombie & Fitch but still just as great items. 

The Zara sale, this goes without saying really, again check out what the kids section has to offer!

The Monsoon/ Accessorize sale. I've bought all of Tianne's Birthday presents from here for her 3rd Birthday in March. I'm so impressed with the savings and the selection!

Hopefully you manage to go and pick yourself a wonderful saving, let me know if you decide on anything I've mentioned above!

Have you loved any particular sales this year? I'd love to know what you'd recommend. 

Lots of Love

Friday, 7 August 2015

NEW Kiehl's Daily Revival Concentrate

There's no two ways about it, I lack a radiant complexion.
I know why, there are a few reasons behind my dull and tired skin.
A lack of sleep; staying up late despite the kids being in bed at 7.30 has taken is toll. I'm always finding myself with heavy under-eyes that are quite dark in colour and dull skin.
Eating unhealthily; I try my best to ensure the kids eat as healthily as possible but then I find myself eating rubbish, some weeks I won't have any fruit despite having plenty in because I want to save it for the kids to eat so a lack of nutrients means my complexion isn't as glowing as it could be. 
Other factors that contribute to my skin not looking its best are the fact I barely drink any liquids throughout the day, I should be consuming 8 glasses of water and instead all I have is perhaps 4-5 cups of tea and lastly and one that I'm quite ashamed to admit is that I rarely take off my make up before bed, rarely moisturise and on even rarer occasions exfoliate.

After typing out all of the above, I honestly can't blame my skin for craving some affection! We only have one face and I am clearly not looking after mine like I could or should be!

My skin's fatigued and it's showing. As a vlogger I'm constantly seeing myself when I'm playing back and editing footage and after recently swapping from iPhone to Canon G7x I see the affects in HD and cringe as I watch myself talking to the camera, knowing that I can't just cut it all out and I'm about to share it with the world. Even make-up can only cover so much and that's when I get the time to apply, most of my vlogs are me bare faced, no make up, dull skin.

I've recently discovered a quick fix though! Whilst I'm going to be putting much more effort into trying to achieve a natural radiant complexion, it won't happen overnight so therefore I'll be turning to my new favourite skincare product!

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate.

Can I just take a moment to say Thank You to Kiehl's for creating exactly what I needed, the product that I should never have been going without. The new concentrate that is just so bloody good and gives my face a new life!

This miracle product has made me realise that I need to be doing more for my skin and has helped me to see what I'm missing by not loving and appreciating my skin properly!

The Daily Reviving Concentrate is amazing, it smells so fresh and uplifting. A smell you want to apply every morning to start the day. It feels weightless when you're applying and massaging into the skin but gives a nice soft, even distribution. I expect this to feel oily every time I'm applying as it's got naturally-derived oils in the formula but it's non greasy and the skin soaks it up wonderfully.

My skin looks energised! Instantly! It goes from tired looking, dry patches and dull under-eyes to fresh, even and glowing! It looks healthy and that is so important. To have healthy, well looked after skin and to start giving it some life back.

I usually try to wait a little while if I'm applying make up as I really like to let the product sink in and do it's job before I cover it over. I don't think this actually makes any difference as to when make up can be applied and is more in my mind but we all have our little routines and lets face it any extra care is a bonus for me. I can pair this with all of my usual favourite foundations however I've really been loving it with a foundation that I couldn't previously use as it simply wouldn't work for me. So far this has become my favourite combination of products whilst I've been using the Daily Reviving Concentrate. Another bonus is it's my only drugstore foundation so I'm finally getting some use out of an unused product and it's cheaper than my other foundations.

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I've been over to Kiehl's website as I was so impressed by the Daily Reviving Concentrate that I'm eyeing up the night version of this, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Something that caught my eye were the prices. I can honestly say that I was expecting extravagant prices and that I'd be saving up for a long time but they aren't and are in-fact very reasonable which I was super happy about. Not to mention the free samples, free delivery and complimentary gift boxing! 

I was sent the Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate as a Klout perk, if your yet to sign up to Klout I would 100% recommend it. The Daily Reviving Concentrate will be available from Kiehls.co.uk from September but you can join the waiting list at dailyrevival.co.uk and may even win a full sized bottle ahead of the nationwide launch.

Will you be trying the Daily Reviving Concentrate? Any tips on how to stick to a skin care regime are most welcome.

Lots of Love

Friday, 17 July 2015

Cohorted Beauty Box | July 2015

Cohorted Beauty Box July 2015 review
Cohorted Beauty Box July 2015 review
Cohorted Beauty Box July 2015 review
Cohorted Beauty Box July 2015 review
Cohorted Beauty Box July 2015 review
Cohorted Beauty Box July 2015 review
Cohorted Beauty Box July 2015 review

So July brings with it another well sought after beauty box from current beauty box royalty, Cohorted. I'm going to tell you right away my opinion so you can choose if you'd like to read on or just look at the pictures? 
Not for me! I didn't enjoy this box and was left displeased with the contents but please remember that it's simply my opinion and you may have loved July's box. We're all different with different tastes but please read on to find out why I'm being so harsh.

Cohorted started off with a bang. Like seriously they blew beauty boxes up and they've been so popular they have literally broken the internet or at least the Cohorted system several times, not to mention the many people left disappointed each month that they haven't been able to get a hold of one of the boxes and for good reason! The brands and contents inside were unbelievable and for such a reasonable price, £19.99

For me, the hiccup in the quality of boxes came last month when I posted my beauty box unboxing video and I wasn't all that taken with the contents, finding them to be quite repetitive and just generally disappointed with the box. I had already pre-ordered July so hoped that it would pick up again the following month but no, I'm afraid that I've been left more dissatisfied this month than last. 

The contents are in my opinion quite boring. My favourite item being the St Tropez tan although in all honestly I just don't get gradual tan, its like you start to build it up then shower it off? Yeah, not for me but this was the item that I was most excited for, the rest left me feeling a little meh. Nail polish when I don't use nail polish, Gucci Guilty shower gel which are the annoying extra's in perfume gift sets and finally a 'high end' makeup set? Not my cup of tea, I think I'd still reach for my Urban Decay over this any day.

Woo! That last paragraph was rough wasn't it? But it's how I feel and whilst I don't like to be so negative on the blog I'm afraid it's the truth. I appreciate that somebody who enjoys the contents will feel completely differently to myself and believe others may be incredibly happy with the goods, I can see this being a perfect box for teens this month or perhaps somebody just finding themselves starting to really enjoy beauty and trying out products. 

Am I expecting too much? Perhaps, but I think when standards have been set it's quite difficult to come down from them and have nobody notice. I feel I need to say something positive so that I'm not being way too critical but I'm struggling and can only hope that plenty of these boxes have found their way into hands of people who are going to enjoy them and cherish the contents. 

I apologise if I've upset anybody with my honesty and hopefully Cohorted will turn this around and bring out a more desirable box next month. After all, they need us to be honest so they know what needs to change or if things are going great then to keep them up! 

How did you feel about the contents of the July offering? Did you manage to pre-order August's box?

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale

Waiting for the Zara sale was actually unbearable. 
You see, only recently have I discovered how reasonably priced Zara clothing items truly are. I previously assumed that Zara was an expensive, high end store full of wonders that would simply destroy my bank account should I even take an innocent glance and for that reason I shyed away.
How I finally came to the realisation that I was in fact wrong, very wrong is irrelevant and all you need now be aware of is that Zara is fast becoming my favourite online shop. Not only for myself but more importantly the kids!

It goes without saying that whilst I was there, in my element, browsing the pages of this majestic website I accidentally managed to place things into my virtual basket and without thinking twice I'd checked out and sat back wondering if this was real? Had I really managed to pick up such beautiful pieces for such a little amount?

My Zara obsession soon began after receiving and being delighted with each and every single item. I placed yet another order two days later. This was June.
I then began to realise that other shops were starting their Summer sales. Fast as I could I was back looking at the now familiar homepage of Zara but no sale.

My impatient self began googling previous years sales and their start dates, I even turned to Twitter wondering when this would start. I was saving hard and ready to shop!

Days, possibly weeks and what felt like months passed and I seen it, that one tweet from a fellow follower announcing the start of the sale!
I added so much to my basket that I received the notification that I'd exceeded my basket contents allowance. Two checkouts later and I was sitting all smug that I'd gotten my hands on items adorning my wishlists at superb discounts.

Whilst I have returned some of the items and placed yet another sale order these are my final sale picks that I've been happy with and decided to keep.

Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale

I've also picked up a selection of other bits and pieces that I've decided to store away for various people's christmas presents! I know, I know, I start early. What can I say! Obviously so long as the clothing is fitting for the Winter season then the Zara Sale is a perfect opportunity to prepare and begin the festive buying.

Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale

So whilst I've picked up a nice selection of items I can't help but carry on checking the sale and what's still available. Unfortunately this means that I've got nine items sitting in that darn virtual basket, just waiting to be perfectly boxed and sent here, to me.
Wish me luck!

Lots of Love

Friday, 10 July 2015

Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 2 Eye Brushes Set

Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brushes Set Collection Vol.2 Makeup Brushes
Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brushes Set Collection Vol.2 Makeup Brushes
Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brushes Set Collection Vol.2 Makeup Brushes
Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brushes Set Collection Vol.2 Makeup Brushes
Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brushes Set Collection Vol.2 Makeup Brushes
Zoeva Rose Golden Eye Brushes Set Collection Vol.2 Makeup Brushes

Need I say much at all or should I let the pictures do the talking? I could, but then what's the point in this post right?

These brushes are dazzlingly beautiful! 

There are no two ways about it. Simply the most desirable brushes available to buy! Just look at the colours, the detail, the quality!

Still, they may be the prettiest brushes in the whole universe but how do they perform? Sure they may look the part but after all they are designed for a purpose and no matter how delightful to look at, if they aren't fit for purpose then there is no point in owning them right?

I've put each brush to the test. I've tried them out in numerous different ways and created a few different eye makeup looks and they are incredible. So soft and light, they are able to blend, buff and apply eye make up like a dream.

I've given these a couple of washes already as I'd used these to apply make-up to a client for her Prom and I'm happy to reveal that these dainty looking bushes have withstood everything they've been faced with exceedingly well so far. There's been no shedding or staining as of yet. My main concern with pristine white brushes was whether they would come up as bright and fresh after using dark eyeshadows however they've come up incredibly well and stand prettily among my brush collection!

I previously owned the original Rose Golden collection that Zoeva produced and with that set came a couple of eye brushes so I was already expecting a set of good quality brushes and they've lived up to all of my demanding expectations.

I can truly say that I'm deeply in love with the new Rose Golden Vol. 2 collections that Zoeva have produced. They are a brush brand for me that are pleasurable to own and use. Zoeva produce high quality brushes with an extremely reasonable price tag, I don't think you can get much fairer than that? I would go as far as to say that with the effort put into the designs, appearance and quality, Zoeva could well be my favourite or should I say holy grail brush brand. Each brush I own from Zoeva has it's purpose and I've not yet come across one that I've been disappointed with. 

The Zoeva Rose Golden Vol. 2 Complete Eye Brush Set is available from BeautyBay for £56.95 which equates to £4.74 per brush!

£4.74!! Really!

What are your thoughts on Zoeva's recent Rose Golden offering? Do they have you as weak at the knees as me?

Lots of Love