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Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Summary

I'm slightly a day early on posting an end of month post but anyways I would like to do a quick summary of January.

It's been my first month of blogging, I've posted 20 posts, taken thousands's of photo's, spent many hours writing and chatting to other beauty addicts and gained myself a whopping 88 followers.
I've been kept extremely busy, looking after my two children aged 2 and 11 month, trying to settle the two year old into nursery two mornings a week, keeping up with my Accounting course and all the homework provided, Cheering two nights a week and Blogging. Phew.
But it's all been fun and well worth it. I've tried to be constant and blog every other day which means I'm pretty much writing them and posting them because I don't seem to get a moment to have any ready in advance, perhaps when I get used to things slightly more and find a way to become more organised I will be able to have a couple ready. We shall see.
Anyhow, onto my January Summary.

My Favourite Blogs Of The Month.

I would like to mention a few blogs that I've enjoyed reading this past month, I've been reading blogs for years but each month I would like to do a quick round up of the months favourite's.

Tease Flutter Pout- I've really loved many of Laura's post's this month, I've been tempted to buy almost everything she has blogged about and I couldn't resist the Tresor Paris ring she mentioned so went and bought it the same night. I could spend hours going through her archives because everything is so interesting.

The Beau Bow - I love Lauren's blog so much because we seem to have so much in common, the products she has blogged about recently are so similar to the products I've purchased recently, products from the same brands such as Kiko, items from the Stila sale, we have blogged about similar things such as Revlon nail polishes and I'm using the same products at home that Lauren has mentioned in her posts.

ETC LLYMLRS - I've turned to Lily's blog for swatch after swatch this month, on things such as the Revlon Lacquer and Matte Balms and the new Models Own Hyper Gels. She has amazing swatches and has them in advance so you can prepare for launch day. Super Handy.

Obsession For Beauty- This is the cutest and sweetest blog I've come across this month. Jessica is so lovely and sends such lovely messages. She has amazing pictures and really honest posts. I really look forward to Jessica's future posts.

Most Recent Blog Discovery.

The most recent blog I have discovered is Photo-Jenn-ic- I have only recently discovered this blog through Twitter but I'm so glad I have, it's a lovely all round girly blog with posts on nails, hauls, girly films and beauty reviews. Jenn is really honest and open in her blog which is amazing.

Post I enjoyed writing most:

The post that I most enjoyed putting together, writing and taking the photo's for was Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks. I chose this one because I was really happy with how the Photo's turned out and I really feel they help the product look as amazing as it is. I love these lipsticks and I can't help but look forward to Spring when I see these. Each time I see this post it just puts me in an uplifted mood and makes me smile :)

Favourite post from January.

My ultimate favourite post I've read this month has been by Lovely Girly Bits and it was Foundations That Make Me Go "Meh". Not only did it make me laugh out loud at Karen mentioning that she looked like a rice crispie but it was also very useful and interesting. It's a must read and I can't recommend enough that you stop by and read it for yourself, I really enjoyed the post from top to bottom.

Because A Blogger Mentioned...

I've got to give this to Laura over at Tease Flutter Pout because I seen her post on the Tresor Paris ring and within 30 mins I had ordered one for myself. There are a lot of bloggers who will be the cause of my spending problems but I'm more into buying beauty products and less into buying jewellery so she really did sell it to me. 

My Month in Pictures.

So for January, this is my last post and I shall see you all in February.

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Me Me Me Long Wear Satin Lip Creams in Berry Crush and Morello Silk. Review and swatches.

berry crush and morello silk swatches and review
With Flash

So looking back to my mini MeMeMe Haul, I promised reviews on the products I bought, I've already reviewed the Nail polishes Honourable and Relentless so I think it's about time I expressed my thoughts on the Long Wear Satin Lip Creams after putting them to the test.

Like I said in the haul post the reason I bought any of the items I did was down to a picture that popped up on Twitter, here I'm going to share the picture with you then you can see why I was so tempted.

Image from Mememecosmetics.co.uk

Isn't that the most amazing image of a beautiful coloured lipstick? I thought so too. Anyways long story short I ended up purchasing and receiving it in the post with a number of other sale items.

The packaging of these lipsticks is so elegant and different, I love the boxes that they arrived in, I've actually kept these in the boxes they are that nice, they really bring some personality to the Me Me Me lipsticks. The tubes are black and beautiful too, very high end looking with some lovely swirling detail.

Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review
Natural light
Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review
Left: Berry Crush Right: Morello Silk
Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review
Natural light. Top: Morello Silk Bottom: Berry Crush
Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review
With Flash. Top: Morello Silk Bottom: Berry Crush

Since receiving the two lipsticks I purchased I haven't had much opportunity to wear them out of the house.. Yes I'm one of those people that buys lovely coloured lipsticks and has quite a growing collection, apply them and get to the front door then race back inside to find a make up wipe to remove them.
It's not because I don't like them in any way, I do, I really do but I just don't think I can pull them off so just wear them inside. My latest excuse is Winter is almost over so it's time for some nice light wearable shades for Spring.

Anyway ramblings aside I purchased Berry Crush and Morello Silk, I love these colours so much, Berry Crush is perhaps a smidgen lighter than in the picture from MeMeMecosmetics.co.uk, I think it's more pink in the tube than berry colour but still lovely. When applied it seems to turn more like the berry I initially thought it would be. It's such a lovely formula, really glides on and there is no pull at all, it's instantly opaque and glossy.
Berry Crush is comfortable to wear and felt barely there, it left a slight stain on the lips after a couple of hours but I tend to like this as it seems to last longer and even when its worn off it's like your still wearing something on your lips so if you forget to keep topping up as and when needed it's all ok.
When you see Berry Crush in the tube it looks as I said a brightish pink colour with lots of shimmer in. As you can see from swatches in natural light the shimmer didn't seem to show up but when the flash was on it did, very clearly, The shimmer didn't put me off though because it's not really noticeable when you see the colour on in person. I don't like to comment on wear time as I feel everybody will have different times and its all depending on eating, drinking etc etc but Berry Crush lasted about 4-5 hours and the after stain a further 1-2 hours. I was pleased with this lasting time. The only thing I would advise with Berry Crush is perhaps to use a lip pencil, it's quite a bold colour and although I didn't notice any 'bleeding' of the colour I think it would be safer to line first. Just incase.

Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review
Top: With Flash Middle/Bottom: Natural light
Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review
Mixture of Flash and Natural Light

Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review

Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review

         Iwent on to browse further through the website and came across Morello Silk, I loved the colour and iffed and ahhed for awhile but in the end decided to go for it.
We were still in the middle of Winter so it was colour appropriate. I wasn't completely sure what the overall colour was going to be like.. was it a dark berry colour or was it slightly brown? But upon receiving and using this it's most definitely a dark berry, super vampy, beautiful colour.

I am so in love with this, the first time I swatched this my first thought was that it was the same colour as a cherry, you know the dark ones and when you bite them they are very dark and reddish in colour? Well thats what I would compare this to. It glides on and it's so smooth I didn't feel it there. Morello Silk is extremely glossy and seems to have a slightly different formula to Berry Crush because it seemed to be slightly sheer, still very pigmented but not quite as creamy as Berry Crush.

Again it left a stain on the lips after it had worn away slightly, the stain was noticeable and quite a nice colour actually, there didn't seem to be any shimmer in Morello Silk and even with flash there was none that I noticed. Wear time was about 3-4 hours, I feel this didn't last quite as long as Berry Crush but that just seemed to be because of the sheerer formula. The stain left was darker though so wasn't quite as easy to notice it had worn away. I would certainly advise a lip pencil again as I found Morello Silk quite difficult to apply and once applied could almost immediately see it started to 'bleed' slightly, this isn't a problem once the lip liner is on though and it seems to sit nicely, I found Morello Silk seemed to accentuate any dry patches however so a lip scrub would be beneficial before use. Having said that I would usually do this before applying most lipsticks so this wasn't much of an issue to me.

Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review
Top/Middle: Natural Light Bottom: Flash
Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review
Mixture of Flash and Natural Light
Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review

Me Me Me Berry Crush and Morello Silk swatches and review

Both of these colours have impressed me and I think they are so lovely to look at and wear, I'm over the moon that I decided to purchase them and that they were in the sale.

Both Berry Crush and Morello Silk are available Here for £8.50 but at the time of writing are down to £6.50 in the sale.

Will you be snapping these up or are you stocking up on Spring colours?

Lots of Love

Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Blogger Made Me Buy It Tag.

the blogger made me buy it

I'm doing this tag because I seen Fee over at Makeup Savvy had done it and it looked such good fun, I've enjoyed reading a few of these already so really wanted to do one too.
It's been really interesting realising that I heavily rely on other bloggers thoughts so a big thank you to Daniella over at Famous in Japan for creating it.

1) Who are your most influential bloggers?  Who are the ones that you really rely on for reviews and swatches?
I think all bloggers have something great to bring to the table, The blogger that influences me most is Corrie over at Dizzybrunette3, I like the way her personality shines through her writing and her posts and photo's are amazing, I really enjoy reading what she has to say and her videos over on youtube. There are quite a few bloggers that i turn to for swatches but I'm also going to agree with Fee over at Makeup Savvy and say Temptalia for swatches and high quality photo's, it's also great that she usually has swatches of full collections. I also really like Lily's blog etcllymlrs as she has beautiful photo's and new releases.

2) Do you buy a product solely as a result from one review from your favourite bloggers, or do you look for more reviews from others?

It depends on the product. If I'm looking for a foundation then I tend to look for a couple of swatches on Google first as it can be different on everybody and in different lights so to get a good idea of a colour I look around, however for a lipstick or eyeshadow then if I read a good review with beautiful swatches I tend to just jump in and buy it on the one review.

3) What is your favourite item that you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

Ahh such a difficult question as I love most of the things I buy from reading blogs. I think it would either have to be Mac Rebel lipstick or Urban Decay Naked 2. I use Naked 2 a lot and Mac Rebel is just my absolute favourite lipstick although I don't wear it every day. Soleil Tan De Chanel is something I bought as a consequence of a lovely tutorial over at Beth's blog Bird's Words.  

4)What is your least favourite item you have ever bought as a consequence of blogs?

Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I like the freshness it provides and I don't dislike it but I gave into this product and bought it but only to be disappointed that I spent £14.50 on something which removes make up and is used up quite fast when there are other cheaper make up removers out there. Also the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover, this works and it's a good product but certainly not for me, I can't stand the feel of the sponge on my skin.

5) Name 5 products you have bought recently as a result of blogs?

Revlon Laquer Balms and a Matte Balm, Urban Decay Naked 3, Kiko Lipliner Pencils, Bourjois Blush Exclusif, and a bundle of Stila Make up such as Eyeshadow Palette's, Lip crayons and Blushes.

6) Have you ever given in to blogger hype? If so, which hype?

Urban Decay Naked 3, I am super happy that I did give in though as I do love Urban Decay for eyeshadows and the colours are simply beautiful. Even though I also own Naked 2 I think Naked 3 has different nude colours and I couldn't be without either, they are my most used palette's.

7) Have you ever avoided blogger hype? If so, which hype?

Rimmel Apocalips. When released bloggers seemed to go crazy for these lip products but something just didn't appeal to me, I'm glad I didn't fall for the hype though as while reading everybody else's The Blogger Made Me Buy It Tags there seem to be plenty of bloggers who say this is their least favourite item bought as a consequence of blogs. 

8) Is everything you buy based on blogger reviews or are there some items you buy without checking out a review?

Pretty much every beauty product I buy I look up first, if it is a make up item I will always check for swatches and if it is some kind of skin care or hair care then I will read reviews. Some items are so expensive that I would be pretty gutted if I spend loads of money and it wasn't meant to be, while this can still happen because everybody is different I always feel there is less chance if I've read a good selection of reviews first.
If I'm honest I think the last time I didn't look up a make up item before buying was about 3 and half years ago, I already owned a MAC Studio Sculpt but wanted to try the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation, I was NC15 in Studio Sculpt so ordered the same colour in Studio Fix Fluid (I don't have a MAC counter anywhere close to try colours on so have to order online) and it was a complete different colour that certainly didn't work for me, it was so dark, I couldn't understand it really but recently I've learned that they are quite different shades so that explains why it was so different but since then I've always looked for swatches on make up items.

I would like anybody that's interested in this tag to take part and leave your links so I can see what you've said. I had such fun taking part and I hope you do too.

Lots of Love

Leibster Award 2 & 3

I've been extremely lucky enough to be nominated a second time for the Leibster Award by the wonderful Georgiana over at So What's Fashion About, she has an amazing blog full of interesting posts. Georgiana is doing a wonderful job so go check her out. 

The Leibster award is designed to help up and coming bloggers to discover further bloggers that also have less than 200 followers. What a fantastic idea, it really helps us all get to know each other and discover lovely new blogs to read. I've been tracking back the links and found some really interesting posts so I'm really glad I was invited to be a part of it all again.

Here's the rules for the Liebster Award:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you.  
2. You must answer the 11 questions given by the nominee before you. 
3. You pick 11 nominees with under 200 followers to answer your questions. 
4. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you.
5. You must tell the nominees that they have been nominated by you.

My answers to Georgiana's questions:

1.) Whats your favourite book?
I actually don't have an overall favourite because it changes all the time but my current favourite has been Christmas at Tiffany's.
2.) Do you have any style icons? If yes, who are they?
My style icon is most definitely Cheryl Cole. From her hair and makeup to the way she dresses, I think she looks smart, girly and very sophisticated
3.)If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
I would love to read minds. It would be so interesting to hear what everyone thinks about and all the things they think but never say.
4.) What would your ideal job look like?
My idea job would be a make up artist/photographer, I love make up (explains the blog) so to work with it daily and create beautiful masterpieces would be amazing. Or a photographer that travels the world taking amazing photo's.
5.) Whats your favourite tv show?
Hollyoaks, I'm addicted, other than this it would be Cheer Perfection. 
6.) What type of music do you usually listen to?
I listen to all kinds of music, so long as I like the song and the lyrics I enjoy most music.
7.) Whats your favourite makeup brand?
My favourite high end make up brand is Dior, I love their foundations, they have beautiful eyeshadows and the lip glosses are to die for, My favourite drug store brand is Bourjois, lately they have had such amazing new products that I've been tempted by them all.
8.)Is there anything you would like to change/ improve on your blog?
I would like to improve the results of images on search engines, I'm struggling to understand it all really and I would like to improve the look of the right hand side, hopefully as I add more content I will develop a blog personality and find a nice blog design to suit Tianne Cherie's Lashes and Bows.
9.)What countries would you like to visit?
I would like to visit a number of countries and travel the world, I'd like to go and see the Northern Lights, the Maldives and also to go back to Australia but once I'm there never leave again. :)
10.)Are you pro or against real fur?
Totally 100% against.

My questions to my nominees are:
1.) What is your favourite make up brand?
2.) What do you enjoy most about blogging?
3.) If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
4.) Who is your biggest blogger inspiration?
5.) Which blog do you turn for for swatches of products?
6.) If you had to go to a desert island, what 3 things would you take with you?
7.) Where is your paradise?
8.) Is there a book that you would love to become a film?
9.) What's your favourite kind of post to read on blogs?
10.) Who is your style icon?
11.) Whats your dream career?

My nominee's are:

I've recently been nominated for a 3rd time for the Leibster award by the beautiful and talented Cayla anne over at Class and Luxe. She was incredibly sweet to nominate me and I'm very grateful. I will just be updating my second Leibster award though and I will answer Cayla's questions here. I really hope everybody understands and is happy for me to do this. You should head on over to Class and Luxe though and see who else was nominated and also to show Cayla anne some much deserved love. :)

 Here are the questions asked and my answers.

What is your favourite movie?
My favourite movie could well be either Dear John, I love this film and the book so much, or it could be Confessions of a Shopaholic. Again all the books in this series are brill and I really wish they would bring out some more films for all the shopaholics in us.
What is your best statement piece in your closet?
I'm going to admit that I am terrible when it comes to fashion *shock horror* I want to be good at it I really do but I think my cousin took all my talent too and left me with none, so if I say my black skinny jeans because they go with nearly everything then please don't shout at me :)
What's in your purse?
Well when you see my next post then your going to understand why there is only a 2p piece and some faulty bank card's (Ok, an empty bank account that appears to make my cards faulty) and a driving licence.
Spray tan or self tanner?
Self tan, it's cheaper for a start and once you get the hang of it there is no need for the costly, time consuming trips to the salon all summer long.
Favourite beauty you tuber?
I wish I could give you a long list here of who I like to watch but unfortunately I cannot find the time to watch any, I have seen one or two tutorials by Pixiwoo though so I hope this counts as an answer.
Style Icon?
In my above award I've mentioned why but Cheryl Cole.
Favourite Model?
Cara Delevigne, I love her look and her attitude. 
Song played the most on iTunes?
At the moment it's Beyonce and Jay-Z Drunk in Love. 
Summer or Winter?
Summer, Summer, Summer.
Heels or sneakers?
Sneakers, totally. I can't be taller then my other half, some people pull it off but not us.
Favourite store?
Sephora without a doubt, however since there isn't a Sephora in the UK, it will have to be Selfridges for the make-up sections.

Lots of Love

Friday, 24 January 2014

Bourjois Blush Exclusif Review and Swatches.

Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review

Bourjois Blush Exclusif caught my eye when it was first released last September, I like the idea of make up made to adapt to each individual, I'd heard of lip glosses and lipsticks doing such thing but I hadn't heard of a blush doing it. What also caught my eye was the fact it was a cream blush, I tend to prefer these to powder. I had been on the look out for a lovely pink blush with no added shimmer so when I seen a few reviews on this product pop up I was intrigued and had to try it for myself.

Not all the reviews were positive though and I suppose this is understandable because of the nature of the product, it adapts to suit your personal pH-balance so I guess this could mean that on some people it turn a really bright unflattering pink while on others it turn into a lovely flush of colour. I took the gamble as it seemed to be my ideal product if it worked.
What Bourjois say about this product "Bourjois launches a unique made-to-measure blush! Thanks to its pH-reactive pigments, it self-adjusts into a bespoke pink for a fresh complexion and made-to-measure healthy glow."
I totally agree with the statement above provided it's applied correctly and the overall pH-reactive pigments adapt to suit the individual.

Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and review

Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review

Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review

I'm not too sure what the white spots are in the blush but they don't seem to affect anything although something that did confuse me was that the colour in the pan changed over time as the product was used more and more as shown in the pictures below, when I first opened this up it was lovely and light pink coloured but it's gradually become a darker, brighter pink. I have looked over at the Bourjois website and it does state that:
"If the original colour of the Blush Exclusif slightly changes in it's pot, don't panic... It is also pH-reactive in it's pot!"
It doesn't seem to affect the blush even after some time so that's reassuring and it also doesn't affect the colour it turns when applied. Phew.
Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and ReviewBourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review

The first time I applied this blush it was amazing, it applied smoothly and easily, with just the right amount of colour and turned a beautiful light pink. I was smitten.

Since then I've used this each day and I've noticed that it isn't always this easy to apply, hmm strange but no, somedays it goes on lovely and somedays I look like a clown, it seems to only need a gentle touch with a brush (I use Real Techniques Stippling Brush) and even if it looks like no product has transferred to the bristles..it more than likely has. This is perhaps where I was going wrong and applying to much? 

I've found that it's not as easy as I'd hoped to blend in either, which can leave a slight problem. I try to use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to even it out a touch but I just feel like I end up brushing away all my foundation underneath, it does fade slightly but I'd advise to try and get it right first time, you can always add more but it's harder to get rid once it's on. Apply light layers and if your brush looks bare, try it anyways. 

It feels nice and light on the skin, where I once thought it may be cakey due to it being cream, this isn't so due to the fact it's cream to powder so it feels lovely and fresh and like its barely there, it wears well and I feel it lasted a good 6-7 hours.

Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review

Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review
Left: Without Blush Right: With Blush

Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review
I look like I've been hypnotised here. :)
Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review
Natural Light
Bourjois Blush Exclusif Swatches and Review
With Flash

Bourjois Blush Exculsif's packaging is just lovely, it instantly appealed to me however it's in a teeny tiny little pot, this is what's put me off trying any of Bourjois blushers in the past since they cost £7.99 and have such a small amount of product but after using this and seeing how little you need to apply it will go much further than I first anticipated.
I'm glad that I've given this product a try, after trying this I'd really like to try the other cream blushes that Bourjois offer, hopefully they won't be quite as hit and miss as this one.

I won't go as far as to say I couldn't live without this product but I do like it and I enjoy applying it, I've been reaching for it daily and may continue to do so for awhile to come.

Bourjois Blush Exclusif is available at Boots Here for £7.99 or I've recently spotted this product on Amazon for less although the price varies daily so it might be an idea to keep a look out if your interested in trying this.

Do you own this blush? If so what colour did it appear on you? If not is this something you would try or would you prefer to stick to a colour where you know the end result?

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Oh Look There's Me, "Hi Me."

Real techniques really pleased me when I heard that they were bringing out a sponge, I'd been lusting after a Beauty Blender for so long but just couldn't justify the price when I had perfectly good make up brushes that provided amazing results. While christmas shopping, my mum offered to get me a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for christmas, I instantly agreed and waited patiently until christmas day.
Now I own the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and after putting it to the test can finally let you know what I think about it.

The Miracle Complexion Sponge is beautifully soft, it's the softest sponge I've ever felt, it's shaped to provide different surfaces for different application techniques and hard to reach places such as around the eyes.

I find the best way to use is to wet the sponge with warm water and squeeze out any excess, once the sponge is damp, I apply foundation straight to the sponge and dab the face, this may be obvious, however I was really just wanting to rub it over the skin in circles as you would a brush, it does take a lot of dabbing but so does a stippling brush and so long as the results are good it's worth it right?

Note: For Reference I have used Mac Studio Sculpt NC15 mixed with Laura Mercier Radiance Primer.

A close up of the skin and how real it still looks (With Flash)


  • When using with a thicker, more coverage foundation the results are lovely and flawless with plenty of coverage. It's like your skin texture shows through the foundation but yet it still covers the face nicely. To me this is important because it makes it easier to pull off the 'natural no make up' look.
  • Also if I had of chosen to apply this foundation with fingers or certain other brushes, it's quite thick so tends to look caky but with the miracle complexion sponge it's dewy, even and cakeless.
  • There is also a feeling that it's providing your skin with moisture, that isn't a fact and I don't think it does but because its dampened before use it feels like your pressing water into the skin.
  • Miracle Complexion Sponge can be used wet or dry so I suppose it's versatile.


  • I've found this useless for applying more sheer foundations, it just seems to soak it up and the results are..well.. pointless, I will stick to applying sheer foundations with a brush.
  • The sponge soaks up precious product. I can't imagine reaching for this if I was using a really high end foundation no matter what the results are.
  • I find the miracle complexion sponge hard to clean. I've tried to clean this in the same way I clean my brushes by adding some baby shampoo but it seemed to take forever to show any results and even then it didn't remove the foundation 'stain' or the blush 'stain' (explained below.)
  • I've found that you can't use this for applying cream blush, now you may think "really?" but I defend my decision to try and I'm simply putting it down to research. I actually thought "well it applies my chosen foundation well so surely it should look lovely applying cream blush?" I dabbed at it and swirled it and as you can see above there was plenty on the sponge however it just wouldn't transfer to the skin, it might be the blush I was using? But this didn't work. However nowhere does the Miracle Complexion Sponge say that it's for this use so this isn't really a negative point towards the sponge and more towards my idea.

I must say though that despite this product having some negative points, it wouldn't put me off in the slightest and I'm still turning to this tool daily, I love the effect that it leaves with the 'right' foundation.

After Washing (Pink Blush Stain Still Exists)

To wash the sponge I simply wet the sponge under warm water and apply baby shampoo, I massage it into the sponge and rinse, I repeated this 3-4 times to get rid of the foundation that had been soaked up inside then left to dry for a few hours and its lovely and clean again. Almost.

It seems like it would withstand a good few washes and doesn't seem like it would tear too easily. 
I really like this sponge and since I now own this I don't feel the need to go out and buy the Beauty Blender. It's a welcome additon to my tools collection and I'd repurchase this if anything was to happen to it because you never know when you will need a sponge rather then a brush.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is available at various retailers but can be purchased from FeelUnique Here for £5.99 (and free delivery)

Have you tried a make up sponge or are you sticking to the brushes for now?

Lots of Love

Monday, 20 January 2014

Me Me Me Nail Polishes in Honourable and Relentless.

Left: Honourable Right: Relentless


You might have noticed these in my mini Me Me Me haul Here,

As promised here are my thoughts of these nail polishes, I've given them both some wear to really give an honest opinion of them.

Honourable is quite a deep grey colour, it's quite matt and plain, however don't think this is a bad thing, nope, for me some of my favourite polishes are plain and that's because you can dress them up or down. You can have a full set of grey coloured nails or you can add a little something extra by perhaps having a full glitter ring finger nail, or you can really add a touch of sparkle by adding a glitter top coat. I also find plain nail polishes to be better for applying nail art too so I find these kind of colours to be quite versatile. To keep the matt appearance I wouldn't apply a top coat but to get a nice shiny colour I would choose to apply one.

I found that without a topcoat the colour didn't last quite as long, it starts to show some tip wear after about 2-3 days, with a topcoat it lasted 4-5 days and with care to the nails could last longer.
It seemed the more coats that were applied the longer it lasted (To an extent, I didn't apply more than 3 and after 3 would probably be the other way and start to show chips sooner), but these had to be thinly applied as the thick coats don't seem to dry as fast which leads to smudging, and tend to chip faster although I find this with most polishes and not just these ones.
Honourable needed 2-3 coats to be fully opaque, again though if you apply 2 thin coats you will find it could do with a third to be really opaque, personally I found it quite dull to be worn alone but that wasn't my intention for this colour and with a spash of top coat it really brought it to life.


Relentless is a very deep purple, again like Honourable it's quite a plain colour, rather matt (although not fully), it's great as a base but if I were to wear them alone I would certainly use a topcoat for added shine. One coat isn't enough for full coverage despite how dark it looks and I found myself applying 3 coats for best results, this isn't a problem as I've found that drying time for both colours really fast, Relentless is faster drying that Honourable but only a smidgen, I don't even think it matters it's just what I noticed. After 2-3 days without a topcoat there is sight wear to the tips, less than Honourable and with a topcoat is still fine after 4 days.

Both these polishes would make great bases for nail art, they are quite dark when 3 coats are applied but that's to be expected when you see them. They both say on the bottle high gloss but I really didn't find this to be the case and actually thought they were matt colours when I applied them, the bottles are cute and the lids are quite grippy which is useful when trying to manoeuvre the brush around without dropping it onto the carpet.

The brushes that come with these polishes I find to have a love hate relationship with, they are quite flat rather than round. When I first seen the brush I was glad as I've rather liked these in the past, however after trying to apply the polish to my index finger I came across the problem that I couldn't get to the bottom of the nail with the brush, this caused an utter mess trying to manoeuvre it around to cover the half moon part of the nail. But on all the other nails I didn't find it to be a problem and rather came to like it, it's just that one finger I struggle with. If I could have the same brush but a touch thinner then it would be perfect. Perhaps snip off the very square edges and have it slightly rounded?

Overall I really like these polishes, I would go back and stock up on some other colours as I don't think you can go wrong with them, I've got my eyes on the colours distinctive, serene and passionate as I think these would make perfect bases to add some lovely sparkle to. (I love a bit of sparkle).

How I Wore Relentless and Honourable.

Honourable and Radiant

Relentless and Stunning

Left: Radiant Right: Stunning

I chose to pair both Relentless and Honourable with some glitter packed polishes from Revlon, I used Stunning and Radiant.

Relentless and Honourable are available at MeMeMeCosmetics for £5.00 each, they are currently in the sale for £1.50 each Here.

Do you own any Me Me Me nail polishes? How do you choose to wear plainer colours?

Lots of Love