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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Acrylic lipstick storage for less than £3.00!

I placed my order for this acrylic lipstick holder 5 days before christmas through Ebay and I found it on my doorstep today, it was dispatched from Hong Kong so I was pleased to see it arrived way sooner then expected, I honestly thought it might have been about March time, it's good job I'm not a post woman, anyways I bought this instantly after seeing the price, less than £3.00 and a much needed home for a growing collection of lipsticks meant I could treat myself without the guilt at Christmas time. 

The holder came boxed and had a layer of protective wrapping, it was smaller then I thought, although the dimensions are clearly stated, I just imagined that nail polish would fit into the squares but unfortunately they won't. However this isn't an issue as I am looking for a way to store all my nail polishes together. 

It was a little dusty but I just gave it a quick rinse and it was fine. I noticed that there were some scratches along the back of the holder and a few acrylic bubbles here and there. 
Again not a problem for me, as once the holder is full, none of this can be noticed and also for the price paid I don't mind a couple of imperfections. 

All the squares are the same sizes and it's small and neat. Perfect size to have favourite lipsticks on show. There are 24 squares and the only trouble I had was with my bourjois shine edition lipsticks, they are slightly too big to fit upside down so that I can tell the colours easier. But really not something that is going to bother me too much. 

This acrylic lipstick storage can be purchased Here for £1.85 with £0.98 delivery, giving a total of £2.83. The dimensions are as follows: 
Length 14.6cm
Width 10.2cm
Height 7.2cm
Each square is 2.4cm x 2.4cm

I'm extremely happy with what I received and what I paid, I'm still currently 8 lipsticks away from filling it up but when I do I will certainly repurchase more of these. In the future I do wish to purchase some Muji acrylic storage and compare the difference between them but for now these will do me just fine.

My next goal..yep, you guessed it, I now feel the need to purchase a further 8 lipsticks to fill it up and have it stood proudly as my first piece of makeup storage.

Any suggestions for my next 8 lipsticks? I'd love to read some posts about how you store your make up.

Lots of Love 

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