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Monday, 6 January 2014

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks. Famous Fuchsia #22 and Rose xoxo #24. Swatches.

Left: Famous Fuchsia, Right: Rose xoxo
Left: Rose xoxo, Right: Famous Fuchsia

I received these two beauties in my stocking from the children on Christmas day, I'd been wanting them for awhile and was so pleased to see them in there, the colours I received were Famous Fuchsia and Rose xoxo. Amazing how even being so young, they knew ;)

What two lovely colours. I've seen these a few times and have been wanting them since they were released but never got round to actually buying them, Famous Fuchsia is a bright pink colour, when swatched, looks rather bold and intimidating for someone who tends to stick to the more everyday wearable colours, though I have been venturing out recently.. I even bought Mac Rebel..and wore it! Anyways back to Famous Fuchsia, when applied to the lips it seems to sheer out somewhat, only a fraction, it's still very bright but it becomes more wearable, not only does it provide plenty of shine- as the name would suggest but it's very moisturising, I tend to have quite dry lips and find I've got to exfoliate with a Lush Sugar Scrub before I can get away with wearing most lip products, but before I applied this I didn't and I didn't even need to, it just seemed to fix my dry lips all on it's own, I couldn't believe it. The colour was smooth and didn't stick to dry patches, it's ideal because it's something I can now take out with me and be able to apply anytime.

The colour Rose xoxo seemed to have the same effect, it's lovely and moisturising with just enough shine. The colour is more subtle and more of an everyday wearable shade, I suppose it could almost be a your lips but better, it looks as though it has tiny shimmer particles when looking at it, but these just seem to turn into the shine effect that it offers. I thought this was going to be slightly more pigmented and perhaps a touch more purple coloured but I certainly wasn't disappointed by any means. The application of both products was smooth, there was no pull and it applied evenly, They both lasted a few hours, Famous Fuchsia slightly longer but it was quite nice to re-apply them, as weird as that is.

How amazing is the shine?! I know it's in the name but oh so pretty.

As much as I love the colours the packaging is another matter, personally I'm not keen on the coloured plastic, I find it just seems so make it look quite cheap, its just the plastic pastel kind of shades that don't do a lot for me, despite this I do like that the very bottom is clear so it shows what colour the product is, this always comes in handy when having to search for what your looking for in a hurry.

This wouldn't affect how much I use these though since they are some of my favourite lip products.
I'd also like to try Grenade In and Mauve Tabloid. They are added to my ever growing really, really want list.

These can be purchased Here from Boots for £7.99 each. They often have 3 for 2 offers on so watch out for those.
NOTE: Rose xoxo is also known as Pou Pou Pidou, which is the shade available at Boots.

Have you tried these? Did you find them to be as easy to wear as I did? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Lots of Love