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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bourjois Volume Glamour MAX Holiday Mascara in Black Review. Before and Afters.

Did anybody else happen to purchase £15.00 worth of Bourjois products and end up with the amazing free gift in December?
Well I sure did. I wasn't going to let that offer fly by.

The cute little box contained the Volume Glamour MAX Holiday Mascara in Black, 10ml (full sized) which is what I will be reviewing today.

First thoughts, the packaging is simple, nothing too eye catching and for that reason it's not a mascara I would have picked up and bought over other brands. Nonetheless it's whats inside that counts.

When I opened the mascara I was wowed by the size of the brush. I was really expecting a teeny tiny brush head but it was actually rather large, these are the size and shape that I find to be the best for my lashes since they are quite short and fair.

The mascara itself is a deep black which is great as like I mentioned above, I have fair lashes so like to be able to see a difference when applied, the consistency is nice and smooth, it doesn't seem to be something that would dry up with ease but it's not too wet that all the lashes tend to stick together because I don't know about you, but when that happens to me, I may aswell smear my face in mascara and then have to start all over again.

I found the Volume Glamour MAX Holiday mascara to be quick drying, as in, I could apply a coat and once I'm finished both eyes, it's ready for round two.

I didn't notice a fantastic increase in the length of my lashes, but it's clear that its made an impact. With one coat it almost made me just look as though I had natural dark lashes which is nice for a change.
The second coat seemed to add more volume but again I can't say that it provided me with the Bambi effect that I really want to achieve even with a further 3rd coat.

Overall, this mascara helped provide my lashes with some much needed volume, I didn't find any flaking, and it was easily removed at the end of the night. It has the staying power and there was no need for touch ups throughout the day.

While I did like the mascara and it would be a great day to day make up product I can't say that I'd purchase this over my all-time drug store favourite, the Max Factor False Lash Effect. Reason being is that I feel I needed to apply at least 3 layers to get a desired effect, whereas with other mascara's I only need 2 layers.
Despite saying this, I would be very tempted to purchase the colours Green Lagoon and Indigo for Spring and Summer.

Volume Glamour MAX Holiday Mascara is available from boots for £5.99 Here

What is your favourite mascara for Length? Will you be giving this a try?

Lots of Love

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