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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Caudalié Beauty Elixir Review

I've read so many reviews on this beauty product that I was unsure of doing my own but hey I guess every opinion helps?

Ok, so this was one of the items in the Selfridges Summer beauty box (I know, so last year) but I can't say it was what I was looking forward to receiving the most, however I did my research while I was waiting for it to arrive and it ended up being what I was most looking forward to trying.

I've read quite a lot of not so great reviews about it although its meant to be a cult beauty favourite, so I was looking forward to testing it for myself.

The mini 30ml frosted glass bottle that holds this wonder spray looks polished sitting on its glass shelf. I like the simplicity, its very french looking and sleek.

The spray itself is very minty almost medicinal smelling, perhaps a tea tree or vapour rub? It's a strong smell but I can't get enough of it, there are some who really cannot stand the smell, but I could spray it over and over. My mum agrees with me however my nana didn't like it. My fiancé thinks its fresh smelling. So it's just down to personal preference. 

I don't think I've found the best way to use this spray yet as at the moment I'm using it once I've applied make up as I've read claims that it helps to set it so I've been giving that a try. It's nice to be able to spray at any time of the day without all the mornings hard work being ruined as you might think would happen when spraying water onto the face, but no, I can imagine when the sun eventually decides to shine that this will be amazing at giving that refreshed, cool feeling.

I've recently also been using this before my moisturiser every morning as a base and again it really helps to wake you up, I can't say if it helps with tightening pores as I seem to be quite lucky and not have any visible. Whether or not it actually does improve the skins radiance I'm not sure, however I do feel like my skins more radiant when I've sprayed my face. 

For me it's a welcome addition to my morning skin care routine and I don't think I'll be leaving it out any time soon. 

Caudalié Beauty Elixir is available at Feel Unique for £11.50 for 30ml or £28.80 for 100ml.

Have you tried this yourself or is it something that your interested in trying? Do you think it lives upto it's claims?

Lots of Love

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