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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Ciaté Looking Glass review - Tania's Post.

I'd like to introduce my youngest sister, Tania. Tania is a huge nail polish addict and although she is only 17 she really knows her stuff, she puts her polishes through tests to determine what works for her and so she is able to give fantastic reviews. Given that, I've asked her if she would like to write a few nail polish posts and I would post them on her behalf. Keep an eye out for further posts written by Tania in the future. I know I sure look forward to them. xBx

When my family and I were on holiday in Dubai, we were in Dubai Mall and came across the Sephora shop so of course we had to go in.
While we were in the very large store, I found myself looking at the many colours of different brands in the nail lab. One stood out, The Ciaté nail polish in Looking Glass. It was the perfect colour in the cutest bottle I have ever seen. 
With it’s long, easy to hold lid and perfectly placed bow, the glistening, holographic silver stood out from the many bright colours and shades. 

But before buying, it had to go through my nail varnish tests. 

Firstly, I tried it on a clean, dry nail to find out the viscosity of the liquid to make sure it wouldn’t be too runny or gloopy. Because let’s face it, who wants to spend hard-earned money on gloop? But check, the nail varnish ticked the first box as it goes on with ease, gliding over the nail. 

Secondly, I needed to know whether it was to be used as a top coat to add a little sparkle, or if it's able to carry itself as an independent nail varnish. But the wondrous product can do both, one coat of the nail varnish means a little sparkle, but two coats and you can wear it on it’s own, fully opaque. 

Thirdly, I needed to see how quickly it dried. This is because I'm a very active person and don’t have much time, sitting around waiting for my nails to dry. And of course, it passed. By the time I had started to paint my third nail, the first one was touch dry.

So finally, I had to see how hard it was to remove. I used the in-store Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover (which I later bought) to remove the polish off one nail, and it came off with ease. Usually with sparkly/glitter nail varnish it can take a lot of effort and difficulty to remove, but as the nail varnish does not contain large pieces of glitter it needed little/no effort.

So as it passed all my tests, I had it in my hand on the way to the till to buy it. 

Because we were in Dubai and their currency is dirhams, I honestly haven’t a clue how much it was in GBP. So instead, I searched on the internet for Ciaté Looking Glass and found that Beautybay.com have it on their website for £9.00 with free delivery. It comes in a 13.5ml bottle, which is an ideal size for anyone whether they will use it everyday or once every so often. 

The price is out of my usual price range but as my Dad was offering and it was such an excelling nail polish, I just couldn’t resist. 

Now that I've used it a few times, I can honestly say that it is totally worth the money!

The only fault I can make about this nail varnish is that it chipped on one nail after one day of wearing it although this was hardly noticeable and is easy to correct with a quick glide of polish over the chip, plus is probably due to my lack of being able to sit still. 

When looked at in different lights, the sparkles seem to change colour and compliment anything that I’m wearing. Which in turn, receives a lot of compliments from friends, family and the occasional cashier when I’m handing money over for yet more nail varnish. What can I say, I have an addiction, it’s not my fault!

Ciaté Looking Glass can be purchased from Beautybay Here for £9.00 and free delivery.

Is this kind of holographic silver up your street or are you more of a bold colour lover?

Isn't this just beautiful? What's been your fave Christmas/Winter nail polish? 

Tania x


  1. I've not tried any ciate nail varnishes yet, but I think this colour's just changed my mind! Its so beautiful :)xx

  2. It really is, I love the bottles of ciate, its a big selling point for me :) glad we have encouraged you to try them, you won't regret it xxxx