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Friday, 10 January 2014

HD Eye and Brows Palette in Foxy Review, Swatches, Before and Afters.

Its funny, naturally I have rather dark hair but only fair eyebrows. I used to think this was great, especially when I had blonde hair, I thought it made it look more natural. The reality is that I look back on pictures and look as though somebody has shaved off my eyebrows. Seriously!

I'm ashamed to admit that it wasn't until last year that I actually started to make an effort with my brows, I've never looked back since. They say that eyebrows can make your face look so much different and that really is the case for me, I feel that they make my face appear slimmer somehow.

I regularly go and get my brows tinted and waxed but even so, with them being so fair the colour just doesn't seem to last very long. Hello HD Brow palette.

I've been and had the HD Brow treatment done before and lets just say it was an utter disaster that left me leaving the salon with a cut eyebrow and a set of not so HD Brows. This put me off trying the make up range if I'm honest.

I stumbled upon this product in the Glamour Latest in Beauty Box, it was something I was quite excited to try when I realised it was in there despite my ordeal. I wouldn't have gone out of my way to purchase it individually though but all that has now changed.

The HD Brow palette is a compact set of 4 shadows that can be used for the eyebrows or also as eyeshadows, I tend to stick to using them for my brows so that I don't run out anytime soon. I received the set Foxy and it's perfect, each colour is a perfect match. They are all nice and dark and they don't leave me with a too light of a colour.

To apply these I wet the brush that come with the set and apply the shadow that way, for me this makes it easier to get the definition and what looks like individual hairs with the brush strokes. I use the lightest shade to draw a line under my brow and this helps me to have a shape to follow. It's also useful for applying lighter brush strokes with nude in less dense areas of brow that would look too much with great blocks of colour.

Lasting time, I kid you not each colour lasts me all day, once its on it really doesn't want to budge, which is great and it removes easily at the end of the day with make up remover, I don't need to touch up my brows at all during the day which is a relief, have you ever had them days where one brow seems to disappear and your left with one eyebrow? 1 eyebrow? I have once too often.. moving on.

The shadows are of buttery soft consistency that are extremely pigmented, the brush that comes with the set is perfect for on the go, I'm usually not too fussed about brushes that come with sets but I'm yet to reach for my real techniques slanted brow brush while using this, it really is that good.

Size wise, the little set is roughly palm sized so it's not too big to carry around, while it's not quite as space saving as Benefits Brow-Zings (although it does boast 2 extra shadows, and they need their space.) It has a nice sized mirror in the lid which is handy so we can see both brows at once. Bonus!

The only downside for me is that it would have been nice for a wax section in the set, then it really is the whole package. It's sometimes useful for if your having a bad brow day and they seem to lay up, down, out.. anywhere but where you want them.


Dark Brown

Warm Brown

Natural Light

Flash On

Left: Carbon, Middle: Dark Brown, Right: Warm Brown

The HD Brow Pallet has now become my Number 1 go to brow product, I will be repurchasing when this has run out and I'm struggling to think of anything that may top this.

The palette's come in 3 different shade ranges, Bombshell for blondes, Foxy for brunettes and Vamp for darker hair.

They are available directly from hdbrows.com Here for £19.96

What is your go to brow product? Are you a fan of HD Brows? 

Lots of Love

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