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Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Summary

I'm slightly a day early on posting an end of month post but anyways I would like to do a quick summary of January.

It's been my first month of blogging, I've posted 20 posts, taken thousands's of photo's, spent many hours writing and chatting to other beauty addicts and gained myself a whopping 88 followers.
I've been kept extremely busy, looking after my two children aged 2 and 11 month, trying to settle the two year old into nursery two mornings a week, keeping up with my Accounting course and all the homework provided, Cheering two nights a week and Blogging. Phew.
But it's all been fun and well worth it. I've tried to be constant and blog every other day which means I'm pretty much writing them and posting them because I don't seem to get a moment to have any ready in advance, perhaps when I get used to things slightly more and find a way to become more organised I will be able to have a couple ready. We shall see.
Anyhow, onto my January Summary.

My Favourite Blogs Of The Month.

I would like to mention a few blogs that I've enjoyed reading this past month, I've been reading blogs for years but each month I would like to do a quick round up of the months favourite's.

Tease Flutter Pout- I've really loved many of Laura's post's this month, I've been tempted to buy almost everything she has blogged about and I couldn't resist the Tresor Paris ring she mentioned so went and bought it the same night. I could spend hours going through her archives because everything is so interesting.

The Beau Bow - I love Lauren's blog so much because we seem to have so much in common, the products she has blogged about recently are so similar to the products I've purchased recently, products from the same brands such as Kiko, items from the Stila sale, we have blogged about similar things such as Revlon nail polishes and I'm using the same products at home that Lauren has mentioned in her posts.

ETC LLYMLRS - I've turned to Lily's blog for swatch after swatch this month, on things such as the Revlon Lacquer and Matte Balms and the new Models Own Hyper Gels. She has amazing swatches and has them in advance so you can prepare for launch day. Super Handy.

Obsession For Beauty- This is the cutest and sweetest blog I've come across this month. Jessica is so lovely and sends such lovely messages. She has amazing pictures and really honest posts. I really look forward to Jessica's future posts.

Most Recent Blog Discovery.

The most recent blog I have discovered is Photo-Jenn-ic- I have only recently discovered this blog through Twitter but I'm so glad I have, it's a lovely all round girly blog with posts on nails, hauls, girly films and beauty reviews. Jenn is really honest and open in her blog which is amazing.

Post I enjoyed writing most:

The post that I most enjoyed putting together, writing and taking the photo's for was Bourjois Shine Edition Lipsticks. I chose this one because I was really happy with how the Photo's turned out and I really feel they help the product look as amazing as it is. I love these lipsticks and I can't help but look forward to Spring when I see these. Each time I see this post it just puts me in an uplifted mood and makes me smile :)

Favourite post from January.

My ultimate favourite post I've read this month has been by Lovely Girly Bits and it was Foundations That Make Me Go "Meh". Not only did it make me laugh out loud at Karen mentioning that she looked like a rice crispie but it was also very useful and interesting. It's a must read and I can't recommend enough that you stop by and read it for yourself, I really enjoyed the post from top to bottom.

Because A Blogger Mentioned...

I've got to give this to Laura over at Tease Flutter Pout because I seen her post on the Tresor Paris ring and within 30 mins I had ordered one for myself. There are a lot of bloggers who will be the cause of my spending problems but I'm more into buying beauty products and less into buying jewellery so she really did sell it to me. 

My Month in Pictures.

So for January, this is my last post and I shall see you all in February.

Lots of Love

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  1. Ah thanks so much for the shout out :) I'm delighted you liked the post and I bet you won't look at rice crispies the same way again! ;P