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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Me Me Me Cosmetics Mini Sale Haul

How have I never heard of Me Me Me Cosmetics before? Really? Boy have I been missing out. While browsing through social media sites I came across a beautiful picture of a berry coloured lipstick, it was from there that I followed my instinct and went on pursuit of this wonderful colour.

This leads me to my post on Me Me Me Cosmetics and what I picked up from their online store. As soon as I came across the website I noticed two things, the upto 70% off sale and the free delivery on orders over £15 (remember what I've said about delivery, if I can get out of paying it I will) so I clicked onto the sale link and there it was, in the sale that fabulous colour I had seen pictured previously. Without thinking, in it went to my basket. Then you can guess what happened next, yep I had to find £15 worth of products for the all important free delivery. Luckily I stumbled upon yet another vampy lipstick and after doing a quick google swatch check in it went too. It didn't take long before my basket was full of goodies, all in the sale, all making me feel super pleased with myself. So without further a-due here is what I picked up from the sale.

Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Berry Crush regular price £8.50, down to £6.50

Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Morello Silk regular price £8.50 down to £6.50

Boxed Scented Candle regular price £3.99. down to £1.50

Cosmetics Mirror regular price £3.50. down to £1.00

Softly Softly Hand Cream regular price £4.99. down to £1.50

Nail Collection Long Lasting Gloss in Honourable regular price £5.00, down to £1.50

Nail Collection Long Lasting Gloss in Relentless regular price £5.00 down to £1.50

(I've only just noticed Berry Crush is upside down) :)
Left: Berry Crush, Right: Morello Silk.

Natural Light, Top: Morello Silk Bottom: Berry Crush
With Flash, Top: Morello Silk Bottom: Berry Crush
Left: Honourable, Right: Relentless

I will post separate reviews for the lipsticks and the nail polishes but I'd just like to quickly give you my thoughts on the candle, mirror and hand cream.

I chose the candle because it was described as a luxury boxed candle with a delightful scent, I think candles can help provide the much needed relaxed feeling when we need it most so I wasn't going to pass up on a candle for £1.50. I've found the scent to be almost soapy, it smells like a lovely bar of soap, quite sweet scented, it's not something that will fill a room full of lovely smells, I just don't think it has the power to do so but on the side of a bath it gives off a small amount of fragrance. I like the clear glass vase it came in, they are always useful when the candle is no more, perfect for storing hair clips etc in. It seems to burn quite slowly so should last a couple of hours.

I bought the mirror because I always find that although I must have 5-6 of these kind of mirrors at a time of need I can never seem to find one, this caught my eye because it has the magnifying side which can be a lifesaver on the move. It's perfect for what I bought it for, It's nice and light, but I just can't get it open, it seems to be stuck, I managed to force it open with a key for the photo's but just struggle to open it again, I'm hoping that it's just a little stiff and with time it will loosen up a bit. Other then this though a perfect little mirror for carrying in my bag.

Finally I chose the Softly Softly hand cream because the winter months seem to have really affected my hands and they just feel so rough and my cuticles are looking terrible. After using the hand cream a few times, I've come to the conclusion that I think it provides more of a barrier then being a moisturiser, when applied it has a lovely sweet Vitamin C scent. You know when you have to take Vitamin C and they taste of orange and smell really sweet? Well I personally think this is how the hand cream smells. Upon instant application it leaves the hands feeling lovely and silky, it doesn't leave any stickiness after application and seems to sink right in, the reason I'm not sure if it moisturises is because I don't seem to notice much difference once it's wore off, it's 40ml size is perfect for travel however I don't think I would pay full price for this, in the sale it was a nice price to be able to try it but I think there are better hand creams for the same price that also provide more product.

I'm happy with my purchases and will be turning to Me Me Me again for future make up needs, if you get a chance head over and see what's in the sale as there are some lovely items that you might be able to snap up.

I'm interested in trying the blushes as they remind me of the Benefit Box "o" Powders so it would be interesting to see what they're like. You can find the above products Here and most of them are still available in the sale.

Have you picked up anything from the Me Me Me sale? Have you heard of this brand before or is it just me that hadn't?

Lots of Love

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