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Monday, 20 January 2014

Me Me Me Nail Polishes in Honourable and Relentless.

Left: Honourable Right: Relentless


You might have noticed these in my mini Me Me Me haul Here,

As promised here are my thoughts of these nail polishes, I've given them both some wear to really give an honest opinion of them.

Honourable is quite a deep grey colour, it's quite matt and plain, however don't think this is a bad thing, nope, for me some of my favourite polishes are plain and that's because you can dress them up or down. You can have a full set of grey coloured nails or you can add a little something extra by perhaps having a full glitter ring finger nail, or you can really add a touch of sparkle by adding a glitter top coat. I also find plain nail polishes to be better for applying nail art too so I find these kind of colours to be quite versatile. To keep the matt appearance I wouldn't apply a top coat but to get a nice shiny colour I would choose to apply one.

I found that without a topcoat the colour didn't last quite as long, it starts to show some tip wear after about 2-3 days, with a topcoat it lasted 4-5 days and with care to the nails could last longer.
It seemed the more coats that were applied the longer it lasted (To an extent, I didn't apply more than 3 and after 3 would probably be the other way and start to show chips sooner), but these had to be thinly applied as the thick coats don't seem to dry as fast which leads to smudging, and tend to chip faster although I find this with most polishes and not just these ones.
Honourable needed 2-3 coats to be fully opaque, again though if you apply 2 thin coats you will find it could do with a third to be really opaque, personally I found it quite dull to be worn alone but that wasn't my intention for this colour and with a spash of top coat it really brought it to life.


Relentless is a very deep purple, again like Honourable it's quite a plain colour, rather matt (although not fully), it's great as a base but if I were to wear them alone I would certainly use a topcoat for added shine. One coat isn't enough for full coverage despite how dark it looks and I found myself applying 3 coats for best results, this isn't a problem as I've found that drying time for both colours really fast, Relentless is faster drying that Honourable but only a smidgen, I don't even think it matters it's just what I noticed. After 2-3 days without a topcoat there is sight wear to the tips, less than Honourable and with a topcoat is still fine after 4 days.

Both these polishes would make great bases for nail art, they are quite dark when 3 coats are applied but that's to be expected when you see them. They both say on the bottle high gloss but I really didn't find this to be the case and actually thought they were matt colours when I applied them, the bottles are cute and the lids are quite grippy which is useful when trying to manoeuvre the brush around without dropping it onto the carpet.

The brushes that come with these polishes I find to have a love hate relationship with, they are quite flat rather than round. When I first seen the brush I was glad as I've rather liked these in the past, however after trying to apply the polish to my index finger I came across the problem that I couldn't get to the bottom of the nail with the brush, this caused an utter mess trying to manoeuvre it around to cover the half moon part of the nail. But on all the other nails I didn't find it to be a problem and rather came to like it, it's just that one finger I struggle with. If I could have the same brush but a touch thinner then it would be perfect. Perhaps snip off the very square edges and have it slightly rounded?

Overall I really like these polishes, I would go back and stock up on some other colours as I don't think you can go wrong with them, I've got my eyes on the colours distinctive, serene and passionate as I think these would make perfect bases to add some lovely sparkle to. (I love a bit of sparkle).

How I Wore Relentless and Honourable.

Honourable and Radiant

Relentless and Stunning

Left: Radiant Right: Stunning

I chose to pair both Relentless and Honourable with some glitter packed polishes from Revlon, I used Stunning and Radiant.

Relentless and Honourable are available at MeMeMeCosmetics for £5.00 each, they are currently in the sale for £1.50 each Here.

Do you own any Me Me Me nail polishes? How do you choose to wear plainer colours?

Lots of Love


  1. I love the fact you showed the steps of the nail polish! You can actually see how opaque its going to be, rather than the final product.
    Gemma Taylor-Jones

    1. Thank you, I try to show what I would look for myself if I wanted to buy a product but had to check swatches first. Glad you liked it though. :) xx Becki xx

  2. Those Revlon polishes are amazing, I love how sparkly they look and how you only did half the nail. Great post hun x

  3. These are lovely shades, I really like Relentless, and the glitter tips are the perfect match!

    Jess xo

    1. Thank you, I agree, the shades are really nice, I was so unsure of how the glitter would turn out with just being part of the nail but I was really happy with the results. xx Becki xx

  4. These colours are very pretty. Love the way you added glitter to the tips!! (:


  5. Thank you, I think it adds a little something to the colours. Really brought them to life. :) xx Becki xx

  6. They both look so beautiful with the glitter!