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Friday, 3 January 2014

Nice N Easy Natural Dark Chestnut Brown 120C

Nice and Easy hair colour Natural Dark Chestnut Brown 120c, I've been using this colour for about 2 year now and since I just dyed my hair again today, I thought I would post some pictures after application.

I usually go about 3-4 month between applications, however this may not be for everybody, I like this colour and find that it fades to be a medium brown with reddish tints, now please don't be put off by me mentioning reddish as this is the most beautiful colour and I quite enjoy the different tones that the hair can look in different lights.

On my hair the colour seems to last quite awhile but that will all depend on each individual and how often they wash their hair etc. On average I wash my hair every second day and use minimal product and heat when I'm not going anywhere. My natural colour is more of an ashy brown and I find that my roots do blend in well even with the completely different colours. When first applied this is rather dark, comparable to the darkest brown, but again I personally find it to be a beautiful shade that I'm pleased with every application. It really makes the hair shiny and really gives that stunning salon look.

It's proved to be that nice of a colour that two of my sisters have chosen it as their new go to colour. The shine is clearly visible even on my terrible quality photo's, which i am super sorry about but i seen the sun and had to make the best of it, with my phone. :)

The mixture does have a strong smell but this is to be expected with hair dyes. I find the easiest way to apply is mixing the colour in a hairdressers bowl and applying like they do in a salon with a brush. It's quite hard to get the back though, so if you can, try and position a mirror behind you to make sure you get an even application. 

For me this gives an even result as having long hair it can get rather difficult applying as suggested in the step by step guide. Again though this method is not for everyone so just apply however is most comfortable to you.

I find that I will use the full product for application sparingly so next time I use I will be buying two boxes to ensure even and complete coverage with enough dye.

I would suggest 2 boxes for longer or thicker hair and if you find that one box is enough then you will have a spare for the next application.

There are often offers on at Superdrug to help save on two or more purchases of Nice n Easy hair colourants.

Inside the box is the Colour Blend Formula, Colour Activating Creme, the Nice 'n Easy ColourSeal Conditioning Gloss and some plastic gloves. The conditioning gloss lasts for 6 weeks to keep the colour vibrant and the shine glossy, it also helps make the hair feel incredibly soft and smooth. 

I feel that this is well worth the £5.99 price tag and would choose this over an expensive salon brunette colour each time i need my hair coloured.

I often shop at superdrug here for this particular colour as there are often deals on.

Again sorry for the quality of the photos.

Do you change your colour often or do you tend to stick to one shade?

Lots of Love


  1. I'm always changing my hair colour, your hair looks a lovely colour! My next colour may have to involve dip dye also just for a change x

  2. Aww thanks, I've been temped by dip dye too, one of my sisters has it done and its so nice, I struggle to change from this colour though I honestly love it that much. xx

  3. Love your hair color. I will definitly color my hair with this hair dye.
    Thank you for shearing