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Friday, 28 February 2014

February Summary

Another month has passed us by, it certainly doesn't feel as though it was a month since I wrote my first monthly summary.
11 new posts have entered the world of online beauty from Lashes and Bows. A new look and hitting my first milestone of 100 followers. Hosting my first Giveaway and changing the blog name to simply Lashes and Bows. February sure has been a busy month. 
An update to my February spending ban? Well I did state that I had 2 exceptions and they were the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection and presents for Tianne's birthday. However I went to Newcastle with my sister and unfortunately I didn't quite stick to it this month, I purchased some make up and nail polish while in the Metro and went a tad crazy in Primark. In my defence however it was my first Primark experience and since we don't have one (or anything for that matter) here in Cumbria I just knew that I had to make the most of it.
Will I be trying another spending ban through March? Yes. I will start again, I will try much harder then I did in February and I shall not be participating in any spontaneous trips to cities.

Let's take a look at my February Summary.

My Favourite Blogs Of The Month.

GraceyBlossom. A recent discovery but I am ever so glad that I found GraceyBlossom, what an amazing blogger, Grace's blog GraceyBlossom is quite new but she has amazing photo's and her writing is just fantastic, I keep checking back everyday just to see if there is anything new I simply can't wait for each post she writes. Also she is lovely to communicate with through Twitter and Instagram.

Makeup and Beauty Blog. I usually turn to Karen's blog for swatches but I've never had the chance to read her posts properly until this month and I absolutely love reading them, she is a fantastic writer and I love that she posts plenty of photo's as if I'm looking for a new product then seeing photo's is very important for me before I purchase anything.

Chole's Way. I've been reading Chloe's Way for awhile now but Chloe wrote a post this month and I agree with her 100% as do many of us. It was called Ditching the B*tching. Chloe made an amazing point and I am totally behind her with the subject, have a read of the post for yourself. I enjoy reading Chloe's blog, with interesting posts and beautiful photo's it's quickly become one of my favourites.

Beki Louise Beauty. I've enjoyed post after post from Beki's Blog this month, from checking out her Wish Lists to reading her reviews and seeing whats in her Ikea Alex Drawers she just keeps up the fantastic posts and she definitely keeps me returning to read Beki Louise Beauty.

Most Recent Blog Discovery.

My most recent Blog discovery is Ella's Blog over at Beauty By Ella xo, Ella is only 16 and has just started blogging. She only has a couple of posts at the moment but I've read each of them and I think she is doing a great job, being a fellow Cheerleader and blogger I'm showing my support and wish her luck with her blog.

Post I enjoyed writing most:

The month I have enjoyed writing about the MAC Fantasy of Flowers lipstick collection as I had been looking forward to the release for so long. I enjoyed photographing and swatching each lipstick, wearing them and telling you all about each one in turn. It's actually proven to be my most popular post to date so I'm super happy with this one.

Favourite post from February.

My favourite post this month has been the Room tour and Makeup collection by Le Beauty Girl. I love to read about bloggers beauty collections and how they store all their make up and Ysis has put together such detailed post with beautiful pictures. If I could have a beauty room like she has I would be extremely happy. 

Because A Blogger Mentioned...

Because a blogger mentioned MAC Fantasy of Flowers and had amazing swatches of the products well in advance (for the UK release) it gave me a chance to save up and go a tad crazy with this collection. It was Karen over at Makeup and Beauty Blog with all her lovely swatches and plenty of photos that had me constantly checking MAC for it's release.

My Month in Pictures.

I hope you have all had a fantastic February, has anybody else been participating in a spending ban? How have you done?

Lots of Love

Thursday, 27 February 2014

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Sassy Moss and Phlox Garden Swatches and Reviews

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss

With MAC's new Fantasy of Flowers collection come many reviews and swatches from many lovely, talented bloggers but that's a good thing right? I mean everybody has their own opinions on products and that's the reason we all put them out there. So with that in mind come my reviews, photo's and swatches of the MAC Fantasy of Flowers Fluidlines in Sassy Moss and Phlox Garden.

I posted about the Fantasy of Flowers lipsticks (Which you can read here) and I mentioned that when I first seen the new collection it blew me away, everything was amazing and I hadn't seen a collection that attracted me like this one had, so without delay, the second I received the email from MAC I was on the site and placed my order. Included were both the Limited Edition Fluidlines.

I already own a single Fluidline in Blacktrack so I was confident with what to expect from the formula and application but the colours were new to me therefore I was ever so excited to use them and sadly ruin the beautiful untouched product that MAC had sent me. I didn't receive these until late at night as I had been out during the day so when I got back unfortunately I wasn't able to touch them until the next day in the natural daylight to picture the true beauty of these. Yes the torment was almost unbearable but somehow I managed to just look and not touch. An applause well deserved in my opinion.

You can imagine that first thing the next morning I was up and photographing these the second natural light was streaming through the window, I was finally able to see and feel just how amazing they were and imagining all the looks that I would be able to create with such wonderful colours. You may have guessed by now that these lived upto all expectations that I had.

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss

Sassy Moss is described by MAC as a vivid green. I must admit that there was something in the back of my mind telling me not to purchase this, it's a green and well green isn't my favourite colour to say the least, especially green make up but I ignored the feeling and went ahead with the purchase determined to make Sassy Moss work for me. Now as I just said I'm not a green lover but this... perhaps it's the tiny gold micro shimmer or the excitement of something so out of my comfort zone but I may actually prefer this to Phlox Garden. It applies with ease and doesn't sheer out much upon application which is great as we then don't need to apply over and over to achieve the same colour thats in the glass pot, which I find to happen often with gel eyeliners. I found this to look more opaque than Phlox Garden did but I think it's due to the micro shimmer in the gel formula as can be seen in the arm swatches.

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss

Phlox Garden is described by MAC as a vivid violet and this is one of the items that swayed my entire Fantasy of Flowers order. It's such a beautiful purple colour and I thought I was going to prefer this over Sassy Moss, I found Phlox Garden seemed to sheer out a tiny bit upon application so although it's buildable it takes perhaps 2 or 3 applications to get the desired effect, personally I'm not a fan of sore looking eyes and I think that this could unfortunately lead to this look if applied lightly. What I did love however was that it contained no shimmer so was a nice matte gel liner, I think shimmer could have ruined Phlox Garden slightly so I was pleased that when I swatched the gel liner it was as I had imagined. Phlox Garden is a very pretty colour but I will be applying it with a heavy hand and numerous brush strokes to achieve the desired results. Phlox Garden seemed to be slightly less opaque than Sassy Moss which can be noticed on the arm swatches.

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss
MAC Fantasy of Flowers Limited Edition Fluidlines Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss

The MAC Limited Edition Fluidlines in Sassy Green and Phlox Garden are both smooth to apply using a brush and provide long lasting results, they are buildable, smudge proof and just seem to last and last. The gel formula is comfortable to wear although it's difficult to blend these so to use them as eyeshadows can be quite a long application process. Using them as eyeliners creates a colourful eye effect whether worn with subtle shades such as neutrals to add a pop of colour or used with similar colours to create a fresh bright eyed look. 

I love both of these Fluidlines and I am so glad I chose to purchases them when I did as they are now sold out on MAC but you can still purchase these from Selfridges for £15.00 each however they are selling out fast. If you are lucky enough to live near a MAC counter then these should be released in store at the beginning of March.

What do you think of the Limited Edition Fluidlines? Are you more swayed by Sassy Moss or Phlox Garden?

Lots of Love

Sunday, 23 February 2014

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Lipstick Swatches and Reviews

Left to Right: Fleur d'Coral, Naked Bud, Rose Lily, Snapdragon and Heavenly Hybrid
MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection is the new Spring collection by MAC and let me tell you it's beautiful, I see new MAC collections upon their releases and although they look amazing I don't usually purchase anything from them but when I seen posts about the release of Fantasy of Flowers I just couldn't help myself so began planning my wish list for the release and I didn't just cave for one or two items, Oh no I ended up purchasing 10 different items from the 34 piece collection and a back up of one of the lipsticks since they are limited edition.

With colours ranging from pastel pinks to vivid greens the collection completely blew me away. 

Personally I haven't quite got the confidence to walk out of the door wearing bright colours on the lips so the thing I like about these lipsticks is that they are wearable during the day since they are all lustre finish and slightly sheer. I ordered 5 of the 6 available, Dreaming Dahlia being the only colour I wasn't overly keen on, but only since I personally prefer pinks, berries and nudes. 

Over the last few weeks I have waited ever so patiently for this collection to be released and it was just a complete treat to find they were available sooner than I expected. 
All in all, I purchased 6 lustre finish lipsticks, Heavenly Hybrid, Snapdragon, Naked Bud, Fleur d'Coral and 2 Rose Lily's, 2 Fluidlines in Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss, Mineralize blush Azalea in the Afternoon, Mineralize eyeshadow quad Pink Sensibilities and Chatreuse Bouquet Pigment. I will be posting reviews and swatches as soon as the rest arrive but for now I have swatches and mini reviews for the five different lipsticks.

All of the new Fantasy of Flowers lipsticks that have been released are Lustre finish. Meaning they are quite sheer and have a noticeable sheen to them, the wear time is usually a couple of hours and they tend to be more comfortable to wear and less drying than other finishes that MAC offer, you can definitely tell that these are Lustre due to the overall finish and application. 

I've found each of these need some time spent applying them, they most certainly don't apply with one or two swipes and until slightly worn in provide very little coverage however the more they are used the easier they become to apply. The easiest to work with was Heavenly Hybrid but that could be due to it being a darker colour with greater pigmentation so was more noticeable. 

Fleur d'Coral.
Fleur d'Coral is described as a pale creamy peach and it certainly is, I initially thought this would be a   rather flat nude colour but was quite surprised when it had more peach to it than simply being a true nude, it's still certainly a neutral colour when applied though. I found this was quite good with application and didn't need quite as many swipes to apply as Naked Bud did. It's comfortable to wear and is creamy once applied. A lovely colour to wear anytime and I preferred Fleur d'Coral to Naked Bud.

Naked Bud.
Naked Bud is described as a neutral sheer nude and again I agree with the description. It's pretty and glossy when applied. I was hoping for much more from this colour really, perhaps slightly more pigment, I know it's meant to be a sheer nude but it's perhaps too sheer with not enough pigmentation for me personally. It took the longest to apply and just ended up being my least favourite. It's still nice but not quite as special as some of the others. I found Naked Bud to feel a little drying despite it being a lustre finish.

Rose Lily.

Rose Lily is described as a sheer pastel pink, it's certainly a pastel pink but not as sheer as many would think. I thought it would be a slight wash of colour but it's creamier and has lovely, perhaps perfect pigmentation. Rose Lily is my absolute favourite of the collection, I love it that much I had to purchase a second since they are limited edition and proving very popular. Rose Lily still needed some work for noticeable application but it applied easier than Snapdragon. It was comfortable to wear and the right mixture of creamy and sheer


Snapdragon is described as a mid tone blue pink and again I agree with the description, being slightly darker and brighter than Rose Lily it's such a beautiful mid range colour, not too pale yet not too bright, I could imagine Snapdragon being a favourite among many since it's so wearable. Snapdragon seems less creamy than the others and quite sheer, it took some applying and wasn't as easy as Heavenly Hybrid, it was comfortable to to wear but I wasn't quite as keen on this as others. It didn't seem to last quite as long as Rose Lily or Heavenly Hybrid and I'm not sure it was quite as pigmented as them. Snapdragon is my favourite name of the bunch though.

Heavenly Hybrid.

Heavenly Hybrid is described as a mid tone berry, I don't think it's quite as berry as I initially thought it was going to be once applied. Swatched and in the bullet I agree though. This could be because it's a sheer formula so sheers out upon application, even so it would still be classed as a berry to me. I found this tone the easiest to apply and really buildable. It was comfortable to wear and only felt a tiny bit drying. The colour is beautiful and not too bright so although it's the brightest of the pinks it's still wearable for those who don't always feel we can pull off such colours. Heavenly Hybrid is my second favourite of the collection and rightly so with a good wear time and nice pigmentation I can see myself turning to this one often.

Left to Right: Heavenly Hybrid, Snapdragon, Rose Lily, Naked Bud and Fleur d'Coral
Left: Fleur d'Coral Right: Naked Bud
Left to Right: Rose Lily, Snapdragon and Heavenly Hybrid

Overall I think MAC have created such an amazing and beautiful collection for Spring 2014. I'm quite sad that most items are limited editions like a lot of new collections because we find some absolute favourites and then they are taken away from us but I guess thats what makes them so special. My advice would be if you are interested in any of the Fantasy of Flowers collection then don't waste any time and get yours ordered now, they are selling fast online and for the likes of me who don't live near a MAC counter then it may be your only chance. I was informed that the collection will be available instore at the beginning of March by a MAC shop assistant when I visited the Metro recently but I can't guarantee this.

I cannot wait to see the next collection and know it will now have to be my mission to find dupes for Rose Lily. 

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Lipstick collection is available at MAC or Selfridges for £15.00 each.

*If you hurry now Snapdragon is still available at Selfridges but sold out on MAC*

What do you think of the new MAC collection, did you like it as much as I did or will you be skipping this one?

Lots of Love

Friday, 21 February 2014

100 Follower Giveaway.

Earlier this week I hit 100 followers on Bloglovin, so to celebrate I'm hosting my first giveaway. It's just been a pleasure chatting to all kinds of people that I've met so far due to Lashes and Bows. To have 100 people read my opinions is just an amazing feeling, so Thank You to each and every one of you, whether you read every new post, or visit for swatches or even if it's your first time here (Welcome, by the way). You all help to make Lashes and Bows grow and flourish and although 100 may only be a small number to some amazing bloggers its a proud milestone for me. Thank you all so very much.

*Exciting News* Some of you may have noticed that I have recently decided to shorten the name of my blog to simply Lashes and Bows, a decision that I think was needed as Tianne Cherie's Lashes and Bows was a rather lot to remember. Over the past few weeks I have been having a small 're-design' if you could call it that so please do excuse any loose sections that you may notice. A slow process that I'm having a go at myself, it's fun and stressful all at the same time. Last thing I'd like to mention is that I've also chosen to purchase a domain name as you may have noticed, I'm slowly but surely improving everything here so I do hope that you stick with me through the changes and I hope you like them as much as I do.

On to the giveaway, I really hope that the winner whoever you may be really enjoys the prizes to be won. Thank you all so much and Good Luck to everybody that enters.

Giveaway is UK only, Super sorry to any international followers but as its my first and contains Nail polish It will be UK only this time but do look out for any future Giveaways as I will make sure that I include you in my next one.

*Rules* (Boring but important)
*Strictly NO giveaway accounts are permitted to enter in this Giveaway.
*Under 18's will need parental consent before entering (for purposes of giving out address if chosen as winner etc).
*Entries will be checked and invalid entries will be disqualified.
*Terms and conditions may be subject to change.
Lastly I just want to let you know that I bought each prize myself as a thank you and each item is brand new and unopened, Items pictured may be my own for the purpose of the images.
Good Luck everybody.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick Set. Review and Swatches.

Previous to my Kiko Cosmetics purchase I had not heard about the brand other than the review that I read about some of their make-up, which lead me to my purchase. I mean, what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't venture out and try brands I've not heard of? (My poor excuse for purchasing new make-up.) So with the January sales in full swing and my basket stocked I placed my first order.

This past month or so I've had a great interest in lipstick, perhaps it's since I purchased my lipstick storage that I wrote about Here and had to fill it up, I just seem to have gone lipstick mad and wanting so many beautiful colours and different kinds, which could be the cause of my purchase of the Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipstick Set. 

As soon as they arrived the first thing I had to do was photograph them, I had to get them in all their beauty, brand new and unused. I was put off slightly when I seen some of the colours thinking "Like I will be wearing those anytime soon." I'm talking about Poppy Red and Hot Pink, however photoshoot over and I finally get to swatch and play with them, unlike the bright colours they appear they are actually rather sheer and very glossy. I would actually think of these as somewhere in the middle of a tinted lip balm and a lipstick. They can be built up or worn as a simple wash of colour to brighten up our look, perfect for daytime. The shine is delightful and not at all sticky like a gloss. There isn't a great deal of pigmentation in the Neutral Sand, Calypso Rose or the Pearly Peach but makes it easier to wear them with any look. The brighter colours seemed to apply better than the others although they all applied with ease, covering any dry patches and smoothing them over. With a sweet vanilla scent and gorgeous pearly white packaging I simply don't regret my purchase in the slightest.

Let's take a closer look at each colour:

821 Pearly Neutral Sand.
Quite a nude looking colour when applied although it would seem to be a light brown pictured above. Not at all thick or drying but a nice, silky wash of colour. I'm loving nude lips at the moment so a great colour to take into Spring.

823 Pearly Poppy Red.
I seen this red and thought it was going to be a colour that would be put to the back of my collection since I rarely apply bright red lips. However upon swatching I've found this to be extremely wearable and rather a flush of colour than a full on red pout. The easiest to apply it gently glides on and is just a pleasure to wear.

825 Pearly Hot Pink.
My favourite of the 5 colours, not only amazing to look at but a pretty pink colour that is going to be perfect for the coming warmer months. Like the Pearly Poppy Red, this was also effortless to apply and evened out hiding any dry lips. An ideal pink for a brighter look.

822 Pearly Calypso Rose.
An almost neutral pink colour. I didn't find this was anything 'special' as such however it's a colour I would turn to for daily wear, so that's got to be good right? It's a charming rose colour to look at though and once built up adds a rather nice finish to many looks.

824 Pearly Peach. 
I'm thinking more coral than peach. I've never owned a coral, or a peach for that matter so I was interested in trying this one to see what all the fuss was about, I still think I prefer pink but I must say that I shall no longer be shying away from corals and it's all thanks to this wonderful colour. The ability to be built up means that we can become used to wearing this kind of colour if it's not one we would normally go for.

Left to Right: Poppy Red, Hot Pink, Calypso Rose, Pearly Peach, Neutral Sand.

Left to Right: Pearly Calypso Rose, Pearly Poppy Red, Pearly Peach.
Left: Pearly Hot Pink Right: Pearly Natural Sand

What hasn't really pleased me is the fact that there is no colour indication on any of the packaging other than the number, slightly disappointing since I like to store them all facing up and don't tend to reach for them a lot since I have to take off each lid in turn trying to find the colour that I'm looking for, the numbers don't give much away and since I haven't yet learned the numbers of the colours I find myself reaching for lipsticks that are more convenient to find. 

I don't think it's enough to put me off though and with these being my brief introduction into Kiko and how impressed I was means I shall certainly be purchasing more lipsticks for sure in the future. 
Although this set is no longer available there is a fantastic range of lipsticks to choose from on the Kiko website with many different formula's and colours. The prices are exceptionally reasonable with some on sale at the moment starting from £2.50 and for new subscribers there is free delivery. However after the first order this shoots upto £5.90 (eek) or free on orders over £49.00. 

What do you think? Have you tried Kiko before or is this the first you've heard? Will you be checking out any of the outlet items?

Lots of Love

Friday, 14 February 2014

Wantable Make-up Box

Anybody else know the feeling when we see American reviews of beauty items we can't get over here in the UK and become incredibly envious of what we can't have? Well, when it comes to a certain brand of beauty box's then we can kiss those feelings goodbye, us Brits can now have what the Americans do in the form of a monthly subscription box known as Wantable. Yes, Wantable are now shipping their brilliant boxes here and we are now able to get our hands on everything they have to offer. With 3 types of boxes to choose from we are sure to have an option that's just perfect for us.

What is Wantable, you might ask?
Wantable is a monthly subscription box, costing $36.00 a month (roughly converted to £21.62 at the time of writing) or a one off box for $40.00 (roughly £24.02 at the time of writing).
There are a choice of 3 boxes:
A Make-up box which contains 4-5 full sized products (full sized)
An Accessories box which contains 3-4 boutique accessories.
Or an Intimates box which contains 4-5 premium essentials.

Each individual box is personalised for us based on our loves, likes and dislikes with the guarantee that we will not receive any items we dislike. To determine our choices we are asked a multitude of questions asking us all about our preferences. These questions are fun to take and upon completion of these and an order placed for our box of choice, they are able to help make our box unique to us.

I am lucky enough to have here one of the exciting boxes to unpack, explore and give you the lowdown. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and read all about what was inside a Wantable make up box.

When this little box arrived at my front door I was beyond excited to see what it contained. I brought it inside and upon opening was greeted with such a lovely message : Hey There, Gorgeous. Aww Hello to you too, you beautiful little box. I also seen an order form which gave me a brief introduction to each item the box contained and a little advertisement letting me know about the Wantable app.
I delved a little deeper and under the protective foam discovered 4 full sized make up items and a sample sachet.

Lets take a closer look at each product in turn.

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel $18.00. A clear gel for brows, could this make up box have been any more personalised? I've never used a brow gel and certainly not because I didn't want to but simply because it's just one of them things that I've never got around to purchasing so I was very happy to receive this and be able to start setting my brows in place. With an easy to use wand and a lovely silky formula this is just a pleasure to use and a great start.

Natural Light.

With Flash.

Natural light.

La Bella Donna Lipstick in Sand Pink $24.50. Possibly my favourite item as I'm always on the lookout for a certain pink lipstick and even now after reading blogs for years I am no closer to finding it, when I seen the colour of this I almost squealed with delight, I was one step closer to finding the pink of my dreams, it's not quite the pink but this is such an amazing Spring colour, I can wear this everyday and with an amazing formula and colour payoff it would be a pleasure to. On another note, look at that packaging, high end if you please. I love everything about this lipstick and I feel honoured to have it's presence as part of my collection.

Natural Light.
With Flash.


Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Undercover Lover $14.00. Housed in a lovely little glass pot and with such amazing colour pigmentation this was going to be hard to ignore. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this. It's almost bronze looking and had a lovely shine, there are multiple ways to wear this product and the little introduction helped to identify these and gave a couple of beauty tips.

Sormé Shimmer Glow Wand $24.50. This product divides my opinion. I am loving it in a glittery, shimmery kind of way but I'm also disliking it in a glittery, shimmery kind of way. Explain? Well without these shimmers then the product would be kind of pointless however my main concern is walking around like a giant disco ball as soon as the sun catches my face. It contains an incredible amount of glitter particles which may cause a slight problem if too much is applied. It may be easy to blend and distribute over the area though so this might not actually be a problem. Worn inside it looked ok, nice even but without us having nice weather I haven't been able to try this out in sunshine. What did impress me though is the retractable and transportable packaging. I may have been sat dazed and confused when I tried to apply the lid back on only to (eventually) find that if I were to twist the packaging then a clear plastic tube would appear and hug all the bristles in so the lid could be applied. Genius. While it wasn't my favourite item I can still say it's beautiful and I can't wait to test it properly.

Sormé Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer. I am yet to try this sample sachet but I can assure you when I next apply a full face of make up I will be giving this a go.

So what's the verdict? I've thoroughly enjoyed trying out the Wantable Make up box* and really believe that they bring a uniqueness and sense of personalisation to the world of subscription boxes, I think this may have an edge over other beauty boxes available in the UK since they contain 4-5 full sized products, they are hand picked for us as individuals, they come from America and there are 3 different kinds of boxes to choose from. This box had a combined value of $81.00 which means we are getting an amazing deal so while they may be more expensive than other boxes they are definitely worth it.

Have you heard of Wantable before? What do you think, will it be a hit in the UK?

Lots of Love