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Friday, 28 February 2014

February Summary

Another month has passed us by, it certainly doesn't feel as though it was a month since I wrote my first monthly summary.
11 new posts have entered the world of online beauty from Lashes and Bows. A new look and hitting my first milestone of 100 followers. Hosting my first Giveaway and changing the blog name to simply Lashes and Bows. February sure has been a busy month. 
An update to my February spending ban? Well I did state that I had 2 exceptions and they were the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection and presents for Tianne's birthday. However I went to Newcastle with my sister and unfortunately I didn't quite stick to it this month, I purchased some make up and nail polish while in the Metro and went a tad crazy in Primark. In my defence however it was my first Primark experience and since we don't have one (or anything for that matter) here in Cumbria I just knew that I had to make the most of it.
Will I be trying another spending ban through March? Yes. I will start again, I will try much harder then I did in February and I shall not be participating in any spontaneous trips to cities.

Let's take a look at my February Summary.

My Favourite Blogs Of The Month.

GraceyBlossom. A recent discovery but I am ever so glad that I found GraceyBlossom, what an amazing blogger, Grace's blog GraceyBlossom is quite new but she has amazing photo's and her writing is just fantastic, I keep checking back everyday just to see if there is anything new I simply can't wait for each post she writes. Also she is lovely to communicate with through Twitter and Instagram.

Makeup and Beauty Blog. I usually turn to Karen's blog for swatches but I've never had the chance to read her posts properly until this month and I absolutely love reading them, she is a fantastic writer and I love that she posts plenty of photo's as if I'm looking for a new product then seeing photo's is very important for me before I purchase anything.

Chole's Way. I've been reading Chloe's Way for awhile now but Chloe wrote a post this month and I agree with her 100% as do many of us. It was called Ditching the B*tching. Chloe made an amazing point and I am totally behind her with the subject, have a read of the post for yourself. I enjoy reading Chloe's blog, with interesting posts and beautiful photo's it's quickly become one of my favourites.

Beki Louise Beauty. I've enjoyed post after post from Beki's Blog this month, from checking out her Wish Lists to reading her reviews and seeing whats in her Ikea Alex Drawers she just keeps up the fantastic posts and she definitely keeps me returning to read Beki Louise Beauty.

Most Recent Blog Discovery.

My most recent Blog discovery is Ella's Blog over at Beauty By Ella xo, Ella is only 16 and has just started blogging. She only has a couple of posts at the moment but I've read each of them and I think she is doing a great job, being a fellow Cheerleader and blogger I'm showing my support and wish her luck with her blog.

Post I enjoyed writing most:

The month I have enjoyed writing about the MAC Fantasy of Flowers lipstick collection as I had been looking forward to the release for so long. I enjoyed photographing and swatching each lipstick, wearing them and telling you all about each one in turn. It's actually proven to be my most popular post to date so I'm super happy with this one.

Favourite post from February.

My favourite post this month has been the Room tour and Makeup collection by Le Beauty Girl. I love to read about bloggers beauty collections and how they store all their make up and Ysis has put together such detailed post with beautiful pictures. If I could have a beauty room like she has I would be extremely happy. 

Because A Blogger Mentioned...

Because a blogger mentioned MAC Fantasy of Flowers and had amazing swatches of the products well in advance (for the UK release) it gave me a chance to save up and go a tad crazy with this collection. It was Karen over at Makeup and Beauty Blog with all her lovely swatches and plenty of photos that had me constantly checking MAC for it's release.

My Month in Pictures.

I hope you have all had a fantastic February, has anybody else been participating in a spending ban? How have you done?

Lots of Love


  1. Can't believe February is already over! I didn't really have a spending ban but tried to save a bit more than usually and that was pretty successful. I hope you have a great month in March :)

    1. Thank you so much, I hope you have a great March too. It has flew in so fast hasn't it. :) I'm so glad you managed to save a bit, makes a difference at the end of the month not buying quite as much. :) xxxxx