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Sunday, 23 February 2014

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Lipstick Swatches and Reviews

Left to Right: Fleur d'Coral, Naked Bud, Rose Lily, Snapdragon and Heavenly Hybrid
MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection is the new Spring collection by MAC and let me tell you it's beautiful, I see new MAC collections upon their releases and although they look amazing I don't usually purchase anything from them but when I seen posts about the release of Fantasy of Flowers I just couldn't help myself so began planning my wish list for the release and I didn't just cave for one or two items, Oh no I ended up purchasing 10 different items from the 34 piece collection and a back up of one of the lipsticks since they are limited edition.

With colours ranging from pastel pinks to vivid greens the collection completely blew me away. 

Personally I haven't quite got the confidence to walk out of the door wearing bright colours on the lips so the thing I like about these lipsticks is that they are wearable during the day since they are all lustre finish and slightly sheer. I ordered 5 of the 6 available, Dreaming Dahlia being the only colour I wasn't overly keen on, but only since I personally prefer pinks, berries and nudes. 

Over the last few weeks I have waited ever so patiently for this collection to be released and it was just a complete treat to find they were available sooner than I expected. 
All in all, I purchased 6 lustre finish lipsticks, Heavenly Hybrid, Snapdragon, Naked Bud, Fleur d'Coral and 2 Rose Lily's, 2 Fluidlines in Phlox Garden and Sassy Moss, Mineralize blush Azalea in the Afternoon, Mineralize eyeshadow quad Pink Sensibilities and Chatreuse Bouquet Pigment. I will be posting reviews and swatches as soon as the rest arrive but for now I have swatches and mini reviews for the five different lipsticks.

All of the new Fantasy of Flowers lipsticks that have been released are Lustre finish. Meaning they are quite sheer and have a noticeable sheen to them, the wear time is usually a couple of hours and they tend to be more comfortable to wear and less drying than other finishes that MAC offer, you can definitely tell that these are Lustre due to the overall finish and application. 

I've found each of these need some time spent applying them, they most certainly don't apply with one or two swipes and until slightly worn in provide very little coverage however the more they are used the easier they become to apply. The easiest to work with was Heavenly Hybrid but that could be due to it being a darker colour with greater pigmentation so was more noticeable. 

Fleur d'Coral.
Fleur d'Coral is described as a pale creamy peach and it certainly is, I initially thought this would be a   rather flat nude colour but was quite surprised when it had more peach to it than simply being a true nude, it's still certainly a neutral colour when applied though. I found this was quite good with application and didn't need quite as many swipes to apply as Naked Bud did. It's comfortable to wear and is creamy once applied. A lovely colour to wear anytime and I preferred Fleur d'Coral to Naked Bud.

Naked Bud.
Naked Bud is described as a neutral sheer nude and again I agree with the description. It's pretty and glossy when applied. I was hoping for much more from this colour really, perhaps slightly more pigment, I know it's meant to be a sheer nude but it's perhaps too sheer with not enough pigmentation for me personally. It took the longest to apply and just ended up being my least favourite. It's still nice but not quite as special as some of the others. I found Naked Bud to feel a little drying despite it being a lustre finish.

Rose Lily.

Rose Lily is described as a sheer pastel pink, it's certainly a pastel pink but not as sheer as many would think. I thought it would be a slight wash of colour but it's creamier and has lovely, perhaps perfect pigmentation. Rose Lily is my absolute favourite of the collection, I love it that much I had to purchase a second since they are limited edition and proving very popular. Rose Lily still needed some work for noticeable application but it applied easier than Snapdragon. It was comfortable to wear and the right mixture of creamy and sheer


Snapdragon is described as a mid tone blue pink and again I agree with the description, being slightly darker and brighter than Rose Lily it's such a beautiful mid range colour, not too pale yet not too bright, I could imagine Snapdragon being a favourite among many since it's so wearable. Snapdragon seems less creamy than the others and quite sheer, it took some applying and wasn't as easy as Heavenly Hybrid, it was comfortable to to wear but I wasn't quite as keen on this as others. It didn't seem to last quite as long as Rose Lily or Heavenly Hybrid and I'm not sure it was quite as pigmented as them. Snapdragon is my favourite name of the bunch though.

Heavenly Hybrid.

Heavenly Hybrid is described as a mid tone berry, I don't think it's quite as berry as I initially thought it was going to be once applied. Swatched and in the bullet I agree though. This could be because it's a sheer formula so sheers out upon application, even so it would still be classed as a berry to me. I found this tone the easiest to apply and really buildable. It was comfortable to wear and only felt a tiny bit drying. The colour is beautiful and not too bright so although it's the brightest of the pinks it's still wearable for those who don't always feel we can pull off such colours. Heavenly Hybrid is my second favourite of the collection and rightly so with a good wear time and nice pigmentation I can see myself turning to this one often.

Left to Right: Heavenly Hybrid, Snapdragon, Rose Lily, Naked Bud and Fleur d'Coral
Left: Fleur d'Coral Right: Naked Bud
Left to Right: Rose Lily, Snapdragon and Heavenly Hybrid

Overall I think MAC have created such an amazing and beautiful collection for Spring 2014. I'm quite sad that most items are limited editions like a lot of new collections because we find some absolute favourites and then they are taken away from us but I guess thats what makes them so special. My advice would be if you are interested in any of the Fantasy of Flowers collection then don't waste any time and get yours ordered now, they are selling fast online and for the likes of me who don't live near a MAC counter then it may be your only chance. I was informed that the collection will be available instore at the beginning of March by a MAC shop assistant when I visited the Metro recently but I can't guarantee this.

I cannot wait to see the next collection and know it will now have to be my mission to find dupes for Rose Lily. 

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Lipstick collection is available at MAC or Selfridges for £15.00 each.

*If you hurry now Snapdragon is still available at Selfridges but sold out on MAC*

What do you think of the new MAC collection, did you like it as much as I did or will you be skipping this one?

Lots of Love


  1. Ahh me too. I love this collection so much, I've read your post all about it too and you've almost tempted me to go and get the Dreaming Dahlia. I also got the same blush as you and then some eyeshadows and a pigment. Cannot wait for them to arrive. :) xxxx

  2. Really loving your blog!! I'm new to blogging and have followed you on bloglovin! Do you mind checking me out and maybe following back :)

    beautybyellaxo.blogspot.co.uk xxx

  3. Lovely Post Becki - was peeking through your posts while I'm at work. I love blogs that not only show the product, but they swatch it andd especially with lipsticks, they wear them too! For me, these are the posts I find MOST helpful when it comes to beauty products. If I cant get to the mac store and swatch it myself and see it on my lips, a post like this is fantastic :)

    I love the fleur d'coral on you and my fav that I have been eyeing up is the Heavenly Hybrid!

    Lovely post Becki :) Definitely adding you to my daily reads :) xx

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. I always find myself looking for swatches on too which is why I always try to show them in my posts. So glad you find them helpful. :)
      Thank you for adding me, means so much! :)
      Heavenly Hybrid is a beautiful colour but the Fleur d'coral is easier to wear everyday. :)