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Friday, 14 February 2014

Wantable Make-up Box

Anybody else know the feeling when we see American reviews of beauty items we can't get over here in the UK and become incredibly envious of what we can't have? Well, when it comes to a certain brand of beauty box's then we can kiss those feelings goodbye, us Brits can now have what the Americans do in the form of a monthly subscription box known as Wantable. Yes, Wantable are now shipping their brilliant boxes here and we are now able to get our hands on everything they have to offer. With 3 types of boxes to choose from we are sure to have an option that's just perfect for us.

What is Wantable, you might ask?
Wantable is a monthly subscription box, costing $36.00 a month (roughly converted to £21.62 at the time of writing) or a one off box for $40.00 (roughly £24.02 at the time of writing).
There are a choice of 3 boxes:
A Make-up box which contains 4-5 full sized products (full sized)
An Accessories box which contains 3-4 boutique accessories.
Or an Intimates box which contains 4-5 premium essentials.

Each individual box is personalised for us based on our loves, likes and dislikes with the guarantee that we will not receive any items we dislike. To determine our choices we are asked a multitude of questions asking us all about our preferences. These questions are fun to take and upon completion of these and an order placed for our box of choice, they are able to help make our box unique to us.

I am lucky enough to have here one of the exciting boxes to unpack, explore and give you the lowdown. Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and read all about what was inside a Wantable make up box.

When this little box arrived at my front door I was beyond excited to see what it contained. I brought it inside and upon opening was greeted with such a lovely message : Hey There, Gorgeous. Aww Hello to you too, you beautiful little box. I also seen an order form which gave me a brief introduction to each item the box contained and a little advertisement letting me know about the Wantable app.
I delved a little deeper and under the protective foam discovered 4 full sized make up items and a sample sachet.

Lets take a closer look at each product in turn.

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel $18.00. A clear gel for brows, could this make up box have been any more personalised? I've never used a brow gel and certainly not because I didn't want to but simply because it's just one of them things that I've never got around to purchasing so I was very happy to receive this and be able to start setting my brows in place. With an easy to use wand and a lovely silky formula this is just a pleasure to use and a great start.

Natural Light.

With Flash.

Natural light.

La Bella Donna Lipstick in Sand Pink $24.50. Possibly my favourite item as I'm always on the lookout for a certain pink lipstick and even now after reading blogs for years I am no closer to finding it, when I seen the colour of this I almost squealed with delight, I was one step closer to finding the pink of my dreams, it's not quite the pink but this is such an amazing Spring colour, I can wear this everyday and with an amazing formula and colour payoff it would be a pleasure to. On another note, look at that packaging, high end if you please. I love everything about this lipstick and I feel honoured to have it's presence as part of my collection.

Natural Light.
With Flash.


Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Undercover Lover $14.00. Housed in a lovely little glass pot and with such amazing colour pigmentation this was going to be hard to ignore. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this. It's almost bronze looking and had a lovely shine, there are multiple ways to wear this product and the little introduction helped to identify these and gave a couple of beauty tips.

Sormé Shimmer Glow Wand $24.50. This product divides my opinion. I am loving it in a glittery, shimmery kind of way but I'm also disliking it in a glittery, shimmery kind of way. Explain? Well without these shimmers then the product would be kind of pointless however my main concern is walking around like a giant disco ball as soon as the sun catches my face. It contains an incredible amount of glitter particles which may cause a slight problem if too much is applied. It may be easy to blend and distribute over the area though so this might not actually be a problem. Worn inside it looked ok, nice even but without us having nice weather I haven't been able to try this out in sunshine. What did impress me though is the retractable and transportable packaging. I may have been sat dazed and confused when I tried to apply the lid back on only to (eventually) find that if I were to twist the packaging then a clear plastic tube would appear and hug all the bristles in so the lid could be applied. Genius. While it wasn't my favourite item I can still say it's beautiful and I can't wait to test it properly.

Sormé Under Foundation Makeup Enhancer. I am yet to try this sample sachet but I can assure you when I next apply a full face of make up I will be giving this a go.

So what's the verdict? I've thoroughly enjoyed trying out the Wantable Make up box* and really believe that they bring a uniqueness and sense of personalisation to the world of subscription boxes, I think this may have an edge over other beauty boxes available in the UK since they contain 4-5 full sized products, they are hand picked for us as individuals, they come from America and there are 3 different kinds of boxes to choose from. This box had a combined value of $81.00 which means we are getting an amazing deal so while they may be more expensive than other boxes they are definitely worth it.

Have you heard of Wantable before? What do you think, will it be a hit in the UK?

Lots of Love

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  1. I've never heard of these products but I really like the lipstick and the eye base. Looking forward to a new post from you!
    Btw, I have tagged you in my Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag post, let me know if you are going to do it :)
    Alex | http://glitterandcookiesblog.blogspot.co.uk