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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Exploring the Grounds

For the past few days both Tyler and Tianne have been full of cold so it's been a tad quiet over on Dear Twans, it's hard work when they're both ill together but they've overcome the coughs and sneezes and now they're left with a poorly mummy on Mother's day. I may be feeling slightly sorry for myself but I'm not going to let cold get the better of me when the weather's so nice. We've been out exploring while the sun's been out and having a good look around. It's been a lovely day that felt quite warm so made the most of our time outside.

We're currently lucky enough to be living somewhere that has such beautiful grounds. Its like a fairytale when we take the time to appreciate whats outside the front door. The gardens are large and the grass is soft. The woods are clean with gravel paths and the wonderful flowers grow in substantial amounts. When the sun shines it's a magical place that Tyler and Tianne can explore and we are extremely grateful that they have such a beautiful place to start their lives.

While Tyler runs wild in the woods, Tianne will sit and admire flowers. The opportunities are endless for them. Growing up here has meant that they can feel the freedom, enjoy being outdoors and it's also fantastic exercise for them. This year with Tianne being able to move around we will be spending all our spare time in the grounds and be taking way too many pictures along the way.

Is there anywhere special you like to go and spend lots of time when the weather's nice? 

Also a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mummies out there.

Lots of Love

Friday, 28 March 2014

Dot Marc Jacobs Eau De Parfum 50ml

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume Eau De Perfume 50ml
Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume Eau De Perfume 50ml

My mum and I were in Debenhams trying lots of different perfumes when we came across the Marc Jacobs perfume bottles. After trying a couple and very much liking Daisy and Dot I finally decided on Dot. It may just have been the beautiful bottle that finally swayed my decision. I must admit it was a tough choice but I think it was the right one. I walked away the proud new owner of a beautiful new perfume, an amazing feeling I'm sure you will agree.

The packaging speaks for itself. I love the look of this and it has well deserved its place in the centre of my collection. I'm a fan of most of the Marc Jacobs perfume bottles, I think they really bring a perfume collection to life and they're lovely collectables afterwards. 

Personally I find Dot to be a sweet feminine perfume, not too sweet so we smell like walking pick and mix's but fruity/floral sweet. You're able to smell the floral notes once it's settled on the skin but I wouldn't say my initial thoughts were floral but rather fruity. 

Upon first spray I could smell the fruitiness, the dragonfruit and the red berries are prominent, I didn't catch any honeysuckle so it may have blended well with the fruit or I'm simply not used to it's scents in perfume. While settling into the skin I could begin to smell the floral heart notes of the perfume. Jasmine and Orange blossom are two of the heart notes along with coconut water. 
I found the vanilla base note to come through sooner than the musk and the driftwood and mixed with the floral notes created a delicate sweet floral smell.
After about 2 hours I was able to pick out all 3 base notes before it began to fade, once faded I was no longer able to smell much at all. Others on the other hand were able to still smell Dot on the skin so therefore it must simply be that I became accustomed to the smell. So long as it was still there though I was happy.

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume Eau De Perfume 50ml

Dot lasted about 4 hours in total, after 2-3 hours I could no longer smell this on myself at all so I had to keep asking fiancé to smell me to see how it lasted. He could 'tell' I was wearing perfume for up to 4 hours after application. He wasn't able to go into scents and what he could smell but he said it smelt similar to about 2 hours after application when I had asked him then too. This is when I was able to pick up on the base notes so it had clearly settled into the skin by then.

A summery of notes:
Top notes - Red Berries, Dragon Fruit and Honeysuckle.
Heart notes - Jasmine, Orange Blossom and Coconut Water.
Base notes - Vanilla, Driftwood and Musk.

I find Dot to be most wearable during the day as a daytime perfume however I've noticed that others prefer this at night, it's a personal choice and depends on what we look for scent wise. I've happily only worn this since it entered my collection a few month ago and intend to carry on using it for many more months to come. 

I'd like to repurchase this when I run out as I feel my collection would look bare without it and it's certainly one of my favourite perfumes. 

Marc Jacobs Dot is available from All beauty.com. 100ml for £51.75. 50ml for £41.95 and 30ml for£29.95

Have you tried Dot? I'd like to try Marc Jacobs Honey so would love to know what you thought if you've tried it.

Lots of Love

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Erborian BB Cream in Light. Review and Swatches.

Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches

Erborian's BB Cream was first introduced to me when it was included in the Selfridges Summer Beauty box last year, which was one of my all time favourite purchases.
The colour included was Doré which although is far to dark for my skin, matched perfectly when I was wearing fake tan during the warmer months, summer passed and I wore tan less and less so decided to purchase the lighter shade since I loved the BB Cream so much.
I only ordered the smaller size 15ml first to see how it would match my skin since there were so few shade choices.
Upon arrival my first thoughts were how ashy this looked but yet how well it seemed to match, I was expecting this to only have sheer coverage since it was a BB Cream. It doesn't leave skin looking flat like I thought such an ashy shade would but instead leaves a beautiful radiant glow that livened up the complexion.
The shade ranges are very limited but the thing about this is how it adapts to suit your skin by choosing the closest shade to your natural colour. Its like magic in a tube, a beautiful skin finish that could easily be used to pull off the 'no make up but still flawless skin' result.

This BB Cream has opened up my world into Korean beauty and I cannot wait to explore all the beautiful products with the delightful packaging as you may have guessed by my last post. Created with French luxury and Korean natural cosmetics in mind, Erborian are passing on Korean beauty secrets to those all around the world.

Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches

The consistency of Erborian's BB cream is thick, there's no runniness to the formula, it blends like a dream though and a little goes a long way, it's nice and light on the skin and doesn't feel as though you're wearing any product at all.

The coverage is on the medium to sheer side, I much prefer a medium coverage since I have some redness in my cheeks and freckles which I do prefer to cover. Erborian provides me with coverage that I'm happy with. My freckles aren't completely hidden but the radiance of the BB cream helps to blend them in and provide a glowing finish. The redness in my cheeks however is mostly gone and covered perfectly by the BB cream. I do tend to apply this twice if I feel like I'm having a bad skin day as it simply evens out the skin slightly more than one layer alone does. Most days though I'll only apply one layer and be happy with the results all day. It doesn't tend to give any extra coverage if it is layered up but helps to further hide imperfections such as dark under eye's and neutralises redness in cheeks.

Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
1 application of Erborian BB Cream
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
2 applications of Erborian BB Cream
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Finished result with 2 applications of Erborian BB Cream

I applied this with a brush as I would a foundation and I honestly had to look twice and move the mirror into direct natural light to believe what I was seeing.
The colour matched perfectly, I didn't even think it was possible to be such a close match without it being a colourless moisturiser but it did, second thing I noticed was the coverage, it wasn't a foundation but it had covered all that I would expect a medium coverage foundation to hide with ease, the redness in my cheeks had been evened out and I couldn't have been happier with the results.
It feels weightless and the finish is a slightly dewy skin finish with a radiant glow, very natural looking.

It lasts a full day for me which is again amazing, usually I can apply a foundation and think its great to only catch a glimpse of myself and find patches where its clung to dry skin, Erborian however didn't move, it didn't cling, it didn't fade much and it certainly didn't patch.
It's not a super product that stays put exactly as it was applied but it's not far from, it did have a slight amount of fade but my imperfections were still covered and it was still evenly distributed leaving me feeling confident all day long and not having to worry about how my face appears.

Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Top: Erborian BB Cream Doré. Bottom: Erborian BB Cream light.
I cannot rave about this product enough, this is my ultimate base product - Woah huge claim! It provides the results of a foundation with the extra benefits of a Korean BB Cream. The results are like nothing I have found to date and I could wear this all year long every single day and I'm sure I'd be happy with the results. I will never again be without this product in my life and if it were ever to be discontinued I would be left heartbroken.

I'll even be repurchasing the darker shade, Doré, since when I use fake tan this is the perfect shade to match the bronzed look.
I'm yet to find a product that comes close to the results I've achieved from Erborian's BB Cream and I've tried enough over my years of being beauty obsessed.

While on the pricier side it is considered a premium product and with the added benefits of the Korean natural ingredients included I feel it's worth its price tag and the £34.00 can be justified.

Erborian BB Cream in Light is available from SpaceNK for £12.50 for 15ml or £34.00 for 45ml.

Have you tried any products from Erborian? I'm hoping to try the CC Cream next so I'd love to know if you've tried it.

Lots of Love

Monday, 24 March 2014

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2014

With only 6 days to go Mother's Day is fast approaching. I'm sure you already knew that though, it's later this year then last, I only remember because Mother's Day landed on the weekend that I had Tianne. The special care unit took a picture of Tianne and made a Mother's Day card and left it next to her for when we arrived.

I love putting together gift guides. It's so much fun browsing through websites trying to think of things that not only I'd pick but what others may like also. Buying gifts is something I love doing and I always tend to go overboard, I always try to be creative and think up fun ways to arrange or give them. I haven't had as much time to do that though this past year with Tyler and Tianne but I'm sure I will start having fun with them again soon.

Here are my picks for Mother's Day gifts, some of which I've picked myself for my Mum and Dan's Mum. I hope it gives you some inspiration for some last minute gift buying.

All images are courtesy of the sites mentioned below.

First up is the This Works Pillow Talk & Stress Less gift set. I've heard amazing things about these products from many beauty bloggers. With natural oils and both containing Lavender they will help any mum drift off for a good nights sleep. Available from Feel Unique for £22.00

Cath Kidston Bow Necklace. How sweet is this bow necklace? With diamante embellished detail it's eye catching and just beautiful. Also great for those on a budget as it's a lovely Cath Kidston item and it's currently on sale at ASOS for £22.00 from £32.00

Elemis Anti-Age Trio. When I seen this item I had to look twice, Elemis is a favourite brand of our family. My Mum, Nana, Sister in law and many others really stand by Elemis products, they have a feel of luxury to them and usually come with high price tags. This trio however caught my eye over on Feel Unique where it's in a half price sale. With the famous Pro-Collagen Marine Cream included it's a steal and I think any mum would love amazing skincare such as Elemis. Available from Feel Unique for £37.50 Was £75.00.

Blackberry Crumble by Charlie Bear. I admit I have a soft spot for Teddy Bears. The Charlie Bears are a favourite though because of how lovely and well made they are, my Nana being a fan I often buy her them as Christmas gifts. Admittedly not for everybody but these look so lovely sat on a chair or on the bed. A Charlie Bear would make a great Mother's Day gift and a beautiful keepsake. Available from Charliebearsuk for £54.99

Next Jewellery Storage Drawers. I seen these and thought what a good gift they would make, for new parents they could be used to store special keepsake's from new baby's or store children's teeth when they fall out. I suppose they could also be used as jewellery storage also as they are intended but I think these could have multiple uses and look lovely for whatever is kept inside them. Available from Next for £35.00

Photo Canvas from OrbitPrint. I've purchased a couple of canvas's here before and every one has been good quality and clear photo's. I've been pleased with the service so thought I would recommend a good place to have canvas's printed. OrbitPrint often have great sales on also, currently they have a sale for Mother's Day for 60% off. OrbitPrint prices range from £11.99 to £39.00 during the sale otherwise £29.99 to £99.99. Amazing savings.

Calvin Klein Downtown Eau De Parfum Gift Set 50ml. I first tried this in Dubai when it was released and instantly knew I loved it, I hadn't purchased it until Friday due to simply not being able to afford new perfume and already having plenty, but when I seen it in Feel Unique's half price sale I couldn't resist any longer. It has a modern feel to it being a Floral, Woody scent. Available at Feel Unique for £22.75 Was £45.50

The White Company Seychelles Luxury Gift Set. Who doesn't love The White company? Famous for their beautiful bedding and luxury candles they are my all time favourite shop. I recently discovered their offers on Mother's Day gift sets and so as you may have guessed I couldn't resist. Yes spoiler alert I've bought my Mum and Dan's Mum these gift sets and then since my Nana has been ill and they are currently on offer I purchased her one too. Seychelles combines notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond. The set has a value of £52.00 but is sold for £45.00 and to top that The White Company currently has another offer so these are now down to £35.00.

Is there anything above that you would pick to give as a gift? Or anything you would be happy to receive?

Lots of Love

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Korean Product Wishlist 2014

So I have spent most.. wait, all of the day browsing and browsing through different Korean cosmetics. I tend to go through stages where I become almost obsessed with certain brands and kinds of products. I've recently been all over the Sephora website, window shopping if you like since I decided I would participate in a month long spending ban. Low and behold the month my ban started Sephora go and announce that they now ship to the UK. Seriously! What the??

Anyways, I'm proud to announce that so far... 22 days later and I'm still to actually go through with an order. It's been tough let me tell you! I've broused that much though that I needed a change of scenery. 
Just after Christmas I discovered Korean products and I went through the same phase, didn't actually buy anything, strange I know, but I've come across them again and I'm lusting after many of their beautifully packaged items. I'm writing lists as long as my arms and deciding what I just need to try. 

I've decided to create a Korean Wishlist since about 5 minutes before writing this post I had a basket with a couple of items in over on Ebay and I nearly, very nearly pressed the Buy It Now button. 
How I stopped myself I have no idea but I decided to write a post with all my favourite looking items on, then I can feel as though I've not only achieved something by sticking to my ban but when my ban finishes I know exactly what to purchase first. 
See what I did there, how good am I right? 

I won't go ahead and buy all of them, there wouldn't have been much point in doing a spending ban in the first place if I did but I do feel it would only be fair to treat myself to a couple since I have done ever so well not buying from Sephora!

I came to put a couple of products together and found it really hard to pick a few, I blame the packaging so instead I thought that for those who may not have heard much about Korean products and brands, I would put a few items from each brand into a few 'wish' lists. It may help if you too are interesed in the brand but not too sure about what's on offer.

Banila Co

Tint Balm Pink Illusion £9.71
The Black 17 Sleeping Pack £17.24
Miss Water & Mr Oil £30.83
Clean it Zero Resteratrol £19.78

Banila Co seems to be a more expensive brand then the others that I've included. 

Etude House

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base £10.06
Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF 30 £11.18
Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour £6.84
Missing You Hand Cream £6.55 each
Missing You Hand Cream Bee Happy £6.90 each
Mint Cooling Ice Cream £7.30
Missing You Lip Balm- I Can Fly £5.52 each
Missing You Hand Cream- I Can Fly £6.89 each
Lovely Cookie Blusher £6.09
I Need You, Yogurt! Wash Off Pack £4.61
Princess Etoinette All Over Powder £20.18
Water Colour Blusher £6.24
Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base £10.06

Etude House has the most girly and beautiful packaging, I would go overboard just because of how things looked.

Holika Holika

Miracle Real Skin Finish £9.47
Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream £12.26
Honey Skin Sleeping Pack £10.13
Penguin's Dream Hand Cream £6.51
Pure Mellow Jelly Blusher £6.72
Egg Soap 4 Colours £15.17
Bloom in Multi Balm £8.38

Again how cute is this packaging? I've read great reviews on the Holika Holika products so I was hoping to purchase the Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream in April.

Laneíge / Skin79

Laneíge Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack £15.74
Skin79 4 Kinds of BB Cream Miniature Combination. £15.01 for two. (cheaper on ebay)

I'v heard great things about the Skin79 BB creams so this miniature set would be a great set to see which would suit me.


Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot £6.26
Red Appletox Honey Cream £10.28
Peach Anti Ageing Hand Cream £4.41
Latte Art Milk-Cacao Pore Pack £10.55
Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream £9.18
Mini Berry Lip Balm £4.94
Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream £5.45
Mini Peach Lip Balm £6.49
TOMATOX Magic Massage Pack £8.84
Wonder Butter Moisture Cream £11.78

Ok you must admit these would be pretty amazing sat on the dressing table out on show? Products in the shape of fruit? Love at first sight. They sound as though they would smell lovely too.


Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner £6.09
Lemon Brightening Morning Cleanser £9.86
Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder £8.89
Pine Nut Cuticle Oil £5.61
Black Raspberry Eye Cream £16.38
Acai Berry Mask £13.07
Pineapple Peeling Gel £9.75
Peach Sake Toner £10.11

I could see myself trying to eat these. They sound so yummy, even the names of these are just cute. They look so natural, I'd like to try the Peach Sake Toner in April.

Now this is why I'm on a spending ban. Although yes I would love most of these I haven't actually gone through the products to narrow down which would be better suited for my skin then others and what's here is purely based on first impressions, brief descriptions and packaging. I hope it's perhaps gave you some ideas of the Korean cosmetics available and for those of you who already have some Korean products I would love to know what you think of them.

I've used the website cosmetic-love.com to source all the images and prices seen here as I've heard great reviews about the website. They also have an Ebay shop which some items are quite a bit cheaper. Worth checking to save some money.

Where do you buy your Korean Cosmetics from? Have you tried any of the above?

Lots of Love

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Puddles in the Garden

I have to admit, the past few days I've been looking out of the window wishing the sun would come back, this morning I couldn't help but feel slightly deflated when I seen the rain. The daffodils are coming out and I've been waiting for the sun to take both Tyler and Tianne to see them and explore to see what else we can find in the garden.

Instead of spending the day inside again I decided to take Tyler and do something slightly different. Tianne went up for her sleep and Dan was in the house watching her so I decided to take Tyler outside to go and do some puddle jumping. He had just received a new umbrella on Monday so I knew he would enjoy using it while we were in the garden.

This got me inspired to think up some fun ways to play in puddles. While there's the good old jumping and splashing, what else can we do with children to have bundles of fun and also be able to join in with the puddle games?

Biggest Splash

Providing that the environment is free of cars and animals, why not have some fun throwing stones into puddles? You can see who can achieve the biggest splash and perhaps if the puddle was big enough have a go at some mini stone skimming? Tyler inspired this idea for me since he went ahead and started to throw some stones in himself but turning it into a fun competition means that you or other children can join in and have fun together too.

Leaf racing

If your near a flowing stream or flowing puddle, perhaps a puddle on a hill. Pick up some fallen leaves and have a leaf race. Have a starting point and a finishing line and chase the leafs down the stream. Laugh and shout and encourage your leaf for some fun that will be sure to get children excited and have a fantastic time.

Leaf Boats

You could put these together before you go outside to keep warm. Make some mini leaf boats with a few twigs and leaves and take them outside, let the children place them down to float in some puddles, children will love to see their creations floating and working. You could even place small toys or objects into the boats and bring them to life. Blow the boats across the puddles and have a real water adventure.

Water Painting

Add some different colour food colouring to a few smaller puddles, have some large sheets of paper (small work too) using a paintbrush, leaves or anything else you can find, you can now create some wonderful natural water paintings and not have to worry about the mess inside. If it's raining it will help to create some unique splashes to the paintings and once it's had time to dry will result in some special unique keepsakes.

Puddle Bridges

Try creating some bridges over the puddles. Spend some time searching your surroundings to find some pieces of wood or a bundle of sticks and create dams and bridges. Help the children walk over them. Jump off the bridge into the puddle for larger splashes and let them find out what happens when a flowing puddle is blocked by a dam.


If you can find a deep enough puddle, find a stick and swirl the water round to create a whirlpool. Teach children how to do it themselves and let them throw stones, twigs, leaves or small toys inside to see what happens to them. They'll be amazed at the water in front of them.

Bath toys

Bring the bath toys outside and play with them in puddles. If you have a sprinkle bath toy use it to create your own rain or let some rubber ducks float around and watch the enjoyment that the children have from playing with familiar toys in different settings.

Puddle Jumping

While this may be the most obvious why not get involved and jump with the children? Have some fun and see their faces when you take a jump and create masses of water splashing everywhere. They will think it's fantastic that your playing with them and sharing the experiences.

Don't forget to take lots and lots of photo's to look back on. When you get back inside, dried everybody off and are sat nice and warm, go through them together, laugh at the funny faces being pulled, pick out your favourites and even print some off so the children can remember their fun day playing in the puddles.

The results from our fun in the garden were a happy but drenched little boy, full to the brim wellies and a camera full of amazing pictures. 

                              Oh and a soaking wet cat.

What fun do you have in puddles? It would be great if you shared your ideas in the comments below.

Lots of Love