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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Erborian BB Cream in Light. Review and Swatches.

Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches

Erborian's BB Cream was first introduced to me when it was included in the Selfridges Summer Beauty box last year, which was one of my all time favourite purchases.
The colour included was Doré which although is far to dark for my skin, matched perfectly when I was wearing fake tan during the warmer months, summer passed and I wore tan less and less so decided to purchase the lighter shade since I loved the BB Cream so much.
I only ordered the smaller size 15ml first to see how it would match my skin since there were so few shade choices.
Upon arrival my first thoughts were how ashy this looked but yet how well it seemed to match, I was expecting this to only have sheer coverage since it was a BB Cream. It doesn't leave skin looking flat like I thought such an ashy shade would but instead leaves a beautiful radiant glow that livened up the complexion.
The shade ranges are very limited but the thing about this is how it adapts to suit your skin by choosing the closest shade to your natural colour. Its like magic in a tube, a beautiful skin finish that could easily be used to pull off the 'no make up but still flawless skin' result.

This BB Cream has opened up my world into Korean beauty and I cannot wait to explore all the beautiful products with the delightful packaging as you may have guessed by my last post. Created with French luxury and Korean natural cosmetics in mind, Erborian are passing on Korean beauty secrets to those all around the world.

Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches

The consistency of Erborian's BB cream is thick, there's no runniness to the formula, it blends like a dream though and a little goes a long way, it's nice and light on the skin and doesn't feel as though you're wearing any product at all.

The coverage is on the medium to sheer side, I much prefer a medium coverage since I have some redness in my cheeks and freckles which I do prefer to cover. Erborian provides me with coverage that I'm happy with. My freckles aren't completely hidden but the radiance of the BB cream helps to blend them in and provide a glowing finish. The redness in my cheeks however is mostly gone and covered perfectly by the BB cream. I do tend to apply this twice if I feel like I'm having a bad skin day as it simply evens out the skin slightly more than one layer alone does. Most days though I'll only apply one layer and be happy with the results all day. It doesn't tend to give any extra coverage if it is layered up but helps to further hide imperfections such as dark under eye's and neutralises redness in cheeks.

Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
1 application of Erborian BB Cream
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
2 applications of Erborian BB Cream
Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Finished result with 2 applications of Erborian BB Cream

I applied this with a brush as I would a foundation and I honestly had to look twice and move the mirror into direct natural light to believe what I was seeing.
The colour matched perfectly, I didn't even think it was possible to be such a close match without it being a colourless moisturiser but it did, second thing I noticed was the coverage, it wasn't a foundation but it had covered all that I would expect a medium coverage foundation to hide with ease, the redness in my cheeks had been evened out and I couldn't have been happier with the results.
It feels weightless and the finish is a slightly dewy skin finish with a radiant glow, very natural looking.

It lasts a full day for me which is again amazing, usually I can apply a foundation and think its great to only catch a glimpse of myself and find patches where its clung to dry skin, Erborian however didn't move, it didn't cling, it didn't fade much and it certainly didn't patch.
It's not a super product that stays put exactly as it was applied but it's not far from, it did have a slight amount of fade but my imperfections were still covered and it was still evenly distributed leaving me feeling confident all day long and not having to worry about how my face appears.

Erborian BB Cream Light Review and Swatches
Top: Erborian BB Cream Doré. Bottom: Erborian BB Cream light.
I cannot rave about this product enough, this is my ultimate base product - Woah huge claim! It provides the results of a foundation with the extra benefits of a Korean BB Cream. The results are like nothing I have found to date and I could wear this all year long every single day and I'm sure I'd be happy with the results. I will never again be without this product in my life and if it were ever to be discontinued I would be left heartbroken.

I'll even be repurchasing the darker shade, Doré, since when I use fake tan this is the perfect shade to match the bronzed look.
I'm yet to find a product that comes close to the results I've achieved from Erborian's BB Cream and I've tried enough over my years of being beauty obsessed.

While on the pricier side it is considered a premium product and with the added benefits of the Korean natural ingredients included I feel it's worth its price tag and the £34.00 can be justified.

Erborian BB Cream in Light is available from SpaceNK for £12.50 for 15ml or £34.00 for 45ml.

Have you tried any products from Erborian? I'm hoping to try the CC Cream next so I'd love to know if you've tried it.

Lots of Love

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