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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Exploring the Grounds

For the past few days both Tyler and Tianne have been full of cold so it's been a tad quiet over on Dear Twans, it's hard work when they're both ill together but they've overcome the coughs and sneezes and now they're left with a poorly mummy on Mother's day. I may be feeling slightly sorry for myself but I'm not going to let cold get the better of me when the weather's so nice. We've been out exploring while the sun's been out and having a good look around. It's been a lovely day that felt quite warm so made the most of our time outside.

We're currently lucky enough to be living somewhere that has such beautiful grounds. Its like a fairytale when we take the time to appreciate whats outside the front door. The gardens are large and the grass is soft. The woods are clean with gravel paths and the wonderful flowers grow in substantial amounts. When the sun shines it's a magical place that Tyler and Tianne can explore and we are extremely grateful that they have such a beautiful place to start their lives.

While Tyler runs wild in the woods, Tianne will sit and admire flowers. The opportunities are endless for them. Growing up here has meant that they can feel the freedom, enjoy being outdoors and it's also fantastic exercise for them. This year with Tianne being able to move around we will be spending all our spare time in the grounds and be taking way too many pictures along the way.

Is there anywhere special you like to go and spend lots of time when the weather's nice? 

Also a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mummies out there.

Lots of Love

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