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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Korean Product Wishlist 2014

So I have spent most.. wait, all of the day browsing and browsing through different Korean cosmetics. I tend to go through stages where I become almost obsessed with certain brands and kinds of products. I've recently been all over the Sephora website, window shopping if you like since I decided I would participate in a month long spending ban. Low and behold the month my ban started Sephora go and announce that they now ship to the UK. Seriously! What the??

Anyways, I'm proud to announce that so far... 22 days later and I'm still to actually go through with an order. It's been tough let me tell you! I've broused that much though that I needed a change of scenery. 
Just after Christmas I discovered Korean products and I went through the same phase, didn't actually buy anything, strange I know, but I've come across them again and I'm lusting after many of their beautifully packaged items. I'm writing lists as long as my arms and deciding what I just need to try. 

I've decided to create a Korean Wishlist since about 5 minutes before writing this post I had a basket with a couple of items in over on Ebay and I nearly, very nearly pressed the Buy It Now button. 
How I stopped myself I have no idea but I decided to write a post with all my favourite looking items on, then I can feel as though I've not only achieved something by sticking to my ban but when my ban finishes I know exactly what to purchase first. 
See what I did there, how good am I right? 

I won't go ahead and buy all of them, there wouldn't have been much point in doing a spending ban in the first place if I did but I do feel it would only be fair to treat myself to a couple since I have done ever so well not buying from Sephora!

I came to put a couple of products together and found it really hard to pick a few, I blame the packaging so instead I thought that for those who may not have heard much about Korean products and brands, I would put a few items from each brand into a few 'wish' lists. It may help if you too are interesed in the brand but not too sure about what's on offer.

Banila Co

Tint Balm Pink Illusion £9.71
The Black 17 Sleeping Pack £17.24
Miss Water & Mr Oil £30.83
Clean it Zero Resteratrol £19.78

Banila Co seems to be a more expensive brand then the others that I've included. 

Etude House

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base £10.06
Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit SPF 30 £11.18
Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Colour £6.84
Missing You Hand Cream £6.55 each
Missing You Hand Cream Bee Happy £6.90 each
Mint Cooling Ice Cream £7.30
Missing You Lip Balm- I Can Fly £5.52 each
Missing You Hand Cream- I Can Fly £6.89 each
Lovely Cookie Blusher £6.09
I Need You, Yogurt! Wash Off Pack £4.61
Princess Etoinette All Over Powder £20.18
Water Colour Blusher £6.24
Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base £10.06

Etude House has the most girly and beautiful packaging, I would go overboard just because of how things looked.

Holika Holika

Miracle Real Skin Finish £9.47
Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream £12.26
Honey Skin Sleeping Pack £10.13
Penguin's Dream Hand Cream £6.51
Pure Mellow Jelly Blusher £6.72
Egg Soap 4 Colours £15.17
Bloom in Multi Balm £8.38

Again how cute is this packaging? I've read great reviews on the Holika Holika products so I was hoping to purchase the Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream in April.

Laneíge / Skin79

Laneíge Multiberry Yogurt Repair Pack £15.74
Skin79 4 Kinds of BB Cream Miniature Combination. £15.01 for two. (cheaper on ebay)

I'v heard great things about the Skin79 BB creams so this miniature set would be a great set to see which would suit me.


Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot £6.26
Red Appletox Honey Cream £10.28
Peach Anti Ageing Hand Cream £4.41
Latte Art Milk-Cacao Pore Pack £10.55
Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream £9.18
Mini Berry Lip Balm £4.94
Tangerine Whitening Hand Cream £5.45
Mini Peach Lip Balm £6.49
TOMATOX Magic Massage Pack £8.84
Wonder Butter Moisture Cream £11.78

Ok you must admit these would be pretty amazing sat on the dressing table out on show? Products in the shape of fruit? Love at first sight. They sound as though they would smell lovely too.


Nail Vita Pineapple Cuticle Cleaner £6.09
Lemon Brightening Morning Cleanser £9.86
Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder £8.89
Pine Nut Cuticle Oil £5.61
Black Raspberry Eye Cream £16.38
Acai Berry Mask £13.07
Pineapple Peeling Gel £9.75
Peach Sake Toner £10.11

I could see myself trying to eat these. They sound so yummy, even the names of these are just cute. They look so natural, I'd like to try the Peach Sake Toner in April.

Now this is why I'm on a spending ban. Although yes I would love most of these I haven't actually gone through the products to narrow down which would be better suited for my skin then others and what's here is purely based on first impressions, brief descriptions and packaging. I hope it's perhaps gave you some ideas of the Korean cosmetics available and for those of you who already have some Korean products I would love to know what you think of them.

I've used the website cosmetic-love.com to source all the images and prices seen here as I've heard great reviews about the website. They also have an Ebay shop which some items are quite a bit cheaper. Worth checking to save some money.

Where do you buy your Korean Cosmetics from? Have you tried any of the above?

Lots of Love

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