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Sunday, 2 March 2014

MAC Fantasy of Flowers Azalea in the Afternoon Limited Edition Blush Review and Swatches

With Flash
Natural Light
With Flash
With Flash

With the new Fantasy of Flowers collection came two new Limited Edition Mineralize blushes, I've been wanting to try some more MAC blushes recently since I only own one and that's Warm Soul, I know where have I been right? But to be honest although I've seen a few nice ones I've never felt like there was any that made me desperately want to order some more, you know that feeling, seeing something and having to order it right away with no thought to your bank balance or what else you may have bought that month? I know the feeling all to well. When I seen the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection and the two new blushes, it wasn't actually until I seen swatches that I realised that it was going to be one of them moments the second they were released.

The other blush released, Petal Power, looked nice however it didn't call to me like Azalea in the Afternoon did, I thought it would be perfect for the coming months, nice and shimmery, fresh looking and oh so pretty. 

I first seen the swatches of Azalea in the Afternoon over on Temptalia and then began scouring other blogs for swatches too. My mind was made up, when the collection was released I was going to be a proud owner of another MAC blush in a beautiful new Limited Edition shade.

Azalea in the Afternoon is described as a mid-tone blue pink. It's looks just as I had hoped it to, a lovely pink colour I thought would brighten up any looks over the coming months.

Unfortunately although it was a lovely colour I've been left rather dissatisfied with Azalea in the Afternoon. There were a few things that swayed my decision. What it looked like once applied, the lasting power, the amount of fallout and the price.

Lets begin with what it looked like once applied. When swatched, as you can see in my many pictures the thick swatches showed up well and were beautiful right? I mean if the blush was like this it would be perfect however in the pictures that follow I have a thicker swatch of 4 layers of product and above that I have a blended swatch, I just want to make it clear that I didn't go to great lengths blending this in, just a quick blend using my fingers.

Natural Light
With Flash
The above photo was taken indoors with a flash, you can see the thicker swatch below and you can also see above what it's like blended, it's shown up with flash slightly more than it did in natural light.

Natural light
Below: Thicker Swatch Above: Blended
Natural Light, Close up of Thicker swatch and Blended.
I know what your thinking "Becki, you forgot to even apply it before blending" and I wish this were the case, but no, sadly it was applied.
The three photos above were taken in natural light. The "blended" area was two fingers of product blended gently. I can notice a touch of shimmer there in some of the above photo's. My main disappointment comes from above, the lack of pigmentation. I can't really say this looks much better applied, I can see it being a possible highlighter but as a blush I was left feeling a little meh. The thing is I've seen swatches from other bloggers so I did have high hopes of this being a nice spring blush but I guess it just shows that not every product works for everybody. I'm pale skinned, so pale that parts of me are see through, so thought this might have worked for me since it was the lighter of the two Limited Edition blushes.

This leads me to the lasting time, well what do I say here? As mentioned above this applies like much more of a highlighter even on pale skin, however even as a highlighter it lasted about 5 hours, not great really since it means touch ups would be necessary.

Something else that I guess swayed my overall opinion was the fallout that came from Azalea in the Afternoon, I do understand that since this is a mineralize blush, these can be quite dry and soft so there does tend to be some fallout and I can't compare this to many other mineralize blushes since I only own one other, but surely there shouldn't be quite this much fall out with every brush stroke? It's such a waste and does lead to mess which I can't help but dislike about this product. There was actually more than what can be seen below but just to show an idea of the amount.

One Brush stroke left this much fallout.

This leads me onto my last little grumble about the price, I know that this is Limited Edition but after my experiences with Azalea in the Afternoon I just can't justify the price and that fact that this costs more then the permanent blushes. I honestly would much rather have saved the £20 and put it towards an Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush. 

Azalea in the Afternoon wasn't meant for me, that's clear, I had high hopes as I had done my research first and seen other swatches, but that's going to happen, what works for others doesn't always mean that it will work for me, this could easily be somebody's perfect go to everyday blush, or perhaps somebody might prefer to use this as a highlighter all I'm saying is that as much as I wanted this to be perfect for me and become my new go to blush it just wasn't.

I feel as though I've been really mean to Azalea in the Afternoon so I wanted to end the post with the good points about the Limited Edition blush. 

Azalea in the Afternoon is so lovely and soft, it feels really velvety and when it's applied feels very lightweight and comfortable to wear. 
The shimmer didn't accentuate pores which can tend to happen with shimmery blushes.
Azalea in the Afternoon is buildable, that's clear by the thicker swatches I just didn't feel there was much point in building upon application since it would need so much applied and the blending process seemed to sheer it out dramatically, and finally it still looks pretty. Yes it's not my favourite but who can help having MAC products sat proudly on display?

With my little grumble over, I am now left with two more items left to review from my overall order. Spoiler alert? This is the only thing I wasn't keen on. Phew. 

Azalea in the Afternoon is sold out on MAC's website although it's still in stock at Selfridges for £20.00.

Has anybody else had positive experiences with Azalea in the afternoon? Are there any tips for application that I could try to give this another shot?

Lots of Love


  1. Such a shame to hear the bad pointers because the blush actually looks so beautiful in the photos!! Looks like the perfect spring/summer colour!! xo

    1. It does look beautiful your right, I was really gutted when it just didn't quite live up to my expectations. Maybe they were too high? lol. Petal Power is meant to be more pigmented so I've heard so thats possibly the other option. :) xxxxx

  2. Such a shame that it isn't more pigmented, it looks beautiful in the pan, got to say I am disappointed with this collection xoxo


    1. It does look beautiful and I think the main problem is the lack of pigmentation as you say although other bloggers seem to be fine with it so its just each persons differences i think, Its a shame that the collection disappointed you, Ive heard that a few times actually although I was pleased with the other items I picked up. :) xxxxx

  3. Ah no! Sorry to hear that this blush left you underwhelmed :( I've been really pleased with this as a spring blush but can see how on some people it may not show up. If you're going to use it as a highlighter I've read how spraying a stippling brush with some fix plus or alternate makeup setting spray can make it become more pigmented. Worth a try? x

  4. Thats such a shame the pigmentation wasn't as good especially when you are paying the price you are for one of they blushes! xx