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Friday, 7 March 2014

Mac Fantasy of Flowers Chartreuse Bouquet Pigment and Pink Sensibilities Mineralize Eyeshadow

When I first heard about the MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection I noted down the items I was hoping to purchase, neither Chartreuse Bouquet Pigment or Pink Sensibilities Mineralize Eyeshadow were on the list. 
Does anybody else do that? Place an order for all the original items you chose, feeling satisfied until you receive the email confirmation and then start to think of all the other things you could have purchased or should have chosen? Well I certainly do and all too often, I ended up going back to MAC website and having another look through all the new products to chose a further 4 items that I felt unless I ordered them, my purchase wouldn't be complete. 
Well the good thing is I managed to wait until my first order had arrived since I was planning on re-ordering Rose Lily Lipstick so wanted to make sure I was happy with the colour before ordering a back up.
I then placed my second order for the remaining items that I just couldn't be without. It felt cheaper too, trust me it wasn't and it may not make sense but if I were to have seen the order total for all the items together then it just wouldn't have happened but since I had two "cheaper" totals I didn't seem to mind so much. Just me?

You may have guessed but my second order included Chartreuse Bouquet Pigment and Pink Sensibilities Mineralize Eyeshadow.

MAC Chartreuse Bouquet Pigment is described as a shimmering acid green. The MAC pigments are highly concentrated loose colour powders that can be worn as a sheer wash of colour or can be built up and be worn as an intense boost of colour. 

I was slightly concerned about purchasing a pigment as I worried that it would end up being rather messy to use and end up being rather a waste of product. I'm happy to report however that the pigment is incredibly easy to use and I haven't found any spillage of product yet which means no waste, I use either a Real Techniques Accent brush or a Real Techniques Essential Crease brush and gently dab them directly into the pigment then tap off any excess, the brushes are nicely covered in colour and the pigment transfers right to the skin rather than fall off the brush elsewhere. 

The colour Chartreuse Bouquet isn't a colour I'd have usually chosen, like ever, it's a bright green and if I hadn't of seen this applied then I wouldn't of ever known just how amazing and brightening something like this could end up being. 
I first seen Temptalias swatches and how she chose to wear the pigment, which I would love to try and recreate one day but to me it just showed how wearable this could be even if it did require some confidence. It is Spring after all so it's time to have some fun with colour and add some brightness to our looks and days. 

I was surprised at how much product the little pot contained, I was unsure of spending £17.00 on a single shadow that might not go too far since it was loose pigment but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of pigment included and how little is needed for application.

Upon receiving and swatching Chartreuse Bouquet I've realised just how wearable and versatile this can be, it's incredibly buildable so can be worn as a fully opaque shadow or applied along the lash lines, it can be applied wet for a really intense colour or it can be applied lightly and blended out to create a shimmering sheer green. Just to name a few.

The colour is just beautiful, I honestly now love this colour and I can say without a doubt this is my absolute favourite colour of Spring this year, amazing since a few week ago I wouldn't have looked twice. If like me you were slighty unsure of being able to pull this off and not having the confidence I can only say to you that I too felt the same but I gave it a go and I am ever so glad that I did, try something new and you never know what you will find.

With Flash

MAC Pink Sensibilities Mineralize Eyeshadows are described as pinky brown, chocolate brown, yellow pink and icy blue pink. 
The Pink Sensibilities mineralize eyeshadows are combined to be pre coordinating colours, lightweight, sheer and have a soft shimmer. This is my first experience of MAC eyeshadows and I was pleasantly surprised by them.
Pink Sensibilities are beautifully soft and velvety, shimmery and a perfect combination of colours. 
I did find that they lacked pigmentation slightly and the wear time was less than I was expecting, they seemed to fade quite fast so where I applied them to create a pink and brown smokey eye it ended up being a light brown wash of colour after a few hours.
I think these are perfect for daytime wear though as they are lightweight and blendable but for a more defined and intense look I wouldn't use these and perhaps turn to the other MAC shadows for more pigmentation. 
The two browns were more pigmented than the pinks and seemed to contain less larger shimmer particles when applied, I found the pinks quite difficult to show on the skin, significantly less pigmented and therefore showed the larger particles of shimmer that they contained.

I was looking forward to having some pretty pinks to wear as eyeshadows so was left feeling a little disappointed that they hadn't shown up as I would have hoped but nevertheless they were a lovely combination and I do enjoy using the quad of colours.

Above I am wearing the Chartreuse Bouquet Pigment along the lower lash line and a mixture of the colours from Pink Sensibilities as shadows to create a pastel smokey eyed effect along with Rose Lily Lustre Lipstick.

Overall I am beyond impressed with the Chartreuse Bouquet pigment and as a result will be looking to try further pigment colours in the future, Urban Decay are still my go to brand for eyeshadows although I may be tempted by some of MAC's standard shadows rather than the mineralize offerings next time unless I am looking for something specific or daytime shadows. 

MAC's Fantasy of Flowers collection is available, with most items still in stock at Selfridges. Pink Sensibilities is still in stock Here for £17.00 and Chartreuse Bouquet is still available at Selfridges for £17.00.

Lots of Love


  1. love the eyeshadow , its a beautiful colour :)
    Melissa x

  2. Wow, those colours are stunning! I never normally buy pigments either because I'm scared of the mess, but it's good to hear that wasn't the case :) xx

    D Is For...

  3. The green pigment looks amazing!!!! I'd love to see a look incorporating that :)

    Yasmeen x

  4. Oh just realised you wore it along the lash line! Subtle yet bold, very clever. Looks great!