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Monday, 24 March 2014

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2014

With only 6 days to go Mother's Day is fast approaching. I'm sure you already knew that though, it's later this year then last, I only remember because Mother's Day landed on the weekend that I had Tianne. The special care unit took a picture of Tianne and made a Mother's Day card and left it next to her for when we arrived.

I love putting together gift guides. It's so much fun browsing through websites trying to think of things that not only I'd pick but what others may like also. Buying gifts is something I love doing and I always tend to go overboard, I always try to be creative and think up fun ways to arrange or give them. I haven't had as much time to do that though this past year with Tyler and Tianne but I'm sure I will start having fun with them again soon.

Here are my picks for Mother's Day gifts, some of which I've picked myself for my Mum and Dan's Mum. I hope it gives you some inspiration for some last minute gift buying.

All images are courtesy of the sites mentioned below.

First up is the This Works Pillow Talk & Stress Less gift set. I've heard amazing things about these products from many beauty bloggers. With natural oils and both containing Lavender they will help any mum drift off for a good nights sleep. Available from Feel Unique for £22.00

Cath Kidston Bow Necklace. How sweet is this bow necklace? With diamante embellished detail it's eye catching and just beautiful. Also great for those on a budget as it's a lovely Cath Kidston item and it's currently on sale at ASOS for £22.00 from £32.00

Elemis Anti-Age Trio. When I seen this item I had to look twice, Elemis is a favourite brand of our family. My Mum, Nana, Sister in law and many others really stand by Elemis products, they have a feel of luxury to them and usually come with high price tags. This trio however caught my eye over on Feel Unique where it's in a half price sale. With the famous Pro-Collagen Marine Cream included it's a steal and I think any mum would love amazing skincare such as Elemis. Available from Feel Unique for £37.50 Was £75.00.

Blackberry Crumble by Charlie Bear. I admit I have a soft spot for Teddy Bears. The Charlie Bears are a favourite though because of how lovely and well made they are, my Nana being a fan I often buy her them as Christmas gifts. Admittedly not for everybody but these look so lovely sat on a chair or on the bed. A Charlie Bear would make a great Mother's Day gift and a beautiful keepsake. Available from Charliebearsuk for £54.99

Next Jewellery Storage Drawers. I seen these and thought what a good gift they would make, for new parents they could be used to store special keepsake's from new baby's or store children's teeth when they fall out. I suppose they could also be used as jewellery storage also as they are intended but I think these could have multiple uses and look lovely for whatever is kept inside them. Available from Next for £35.00

Photo Canvas from OrbitPrint. I've purchased a couple of canvas's here before and every one has been good quality and clear photo's. I've been pleased with the service so thought I would recommend a good place to have canvas's printed. OrbitPrint often have great sales on also, currently they have a sale for Mother's Day for 60% off. OrbitPrint prices range from £11.99 to £39.00 during the sale otherwise £29.99 to £99.99. Amazing savings.

Calvin Klein Downtown Eau De Parfum Gift Set 50ml. I first tried this in Dubai when it was released and instantly knew I loved it, I hadn't purchased it until Friday due to simply not being able to afford new perfume and already having plenty, but when I seen it in Feel Unique's half price sale I couldn't resist any longer. It has a modern feel to it being a Floral, Woody scent. Available at Feel Unique for £22.75 Was £45.50

The White Company Seychelles Luxury Gift Set. Who doesn't love The White company? Famous for their beautiful bedding and luxury candles they are my all time favourite shop. I recently discovered their offers on Mother's Day gift sets and so as you may have guessed I couldn't resist. Yes spoiler alert I've bought my Mum and Dan's Mum these gift sets and then since my Nana has been ill and they are currently on offer I purchased her one too. Seychelles combines notes of fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond. The set has a value of £52.00 but is sold for £45.00 and to top that The White Company currently has another offer so these are now down to £35.00.

Is there anything above that you would pick to give as a gift? Or anything you would be happy to receive?

Lots of Love

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