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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Puddles in the Garden

I have to admit, the past few days I've been looking out of the window wishing the sun would come back, this morning I couldn't help but feel slightly deflated when I seen the rain. The daffodils are coming out and I've been waiting for the sun to take both Tyler and Tianne to see them and explore to see what else we can find in the garden.

Instead of spending the day inside again I decided to take Tyler and do something slightly different. Tianne went up for her sleep and Dan was in the house watching her so I decided to take Tyler outside to go and do some puddle jumping. He had just received a new umbrella on Monday so I knew he would enjoy using it while we were in the garden.

This got me inspired to think up some fun ways to play in puddles. While there's the good old jumping and splashing, what else can we do with children to have bundles of fun and also be able to join in with the puddle games?

Biggest Splash

Providing that the environment is free of cars and animals, why not have some fun throwing stones into puddles? You can see who can achieve the biggest splash and perhaps if the puddle was big enough have a go at some mini stone skimming? Tyler inspired this idea for me since he went ahead and started to throw some stones in himself but turning it into a fun competition means that you or other children can join in and have fun together too.

Leaf racing

If your near a flowing stream or flowing puddle, perhaps a puddle on a hill. Pick up some fallen leaves and have a leaf race. Have a starting point and a finishing line and chase the leafs down the stream. Laugh and shout and encourage your leaf for some fun that will be sure to get children excited and have a fantastic time.

Leaf Boats

You could put these together before you go outside to keep warm. Make some mini leaf boats with a few twigs and leaves and take them outside, let the children place them down to float in some puddles, children will love to see their creations floating and working. You could even place small toys or objects into the boats and bring them to life. Blow the boats across the puddles and have a real water adventure.

Water Painting

Add some different colour food colouring to a few smaller puddles, have some large sheets of paper (small work too) using a paintbrush, leaves or anything else you can find, you can now create some wonderful natural water paintings and not have to worry about the mess inside. If it's raining it will help to create some unique splashes to the paintings and once it's had time to dry will result in some special unique keepsakes.

Puddle Bridges

Try creating some bridges over the puddles. Spend some time searching your surroundings to find some pieces of wood or a bundle of sticks and create dams and bridges. Help the children walk over them. Jump off the bridge into the puddle for larger splashes and let them find out what happens when a flowing puddle is blocked by a dam.


If you can find a deep enough puddle, find a stick and swirl the water round to create a whirlpool. Teach children how to do it themselves and let them throw stones, twigs, leaves or small toys inside to see what happens to them. They'll be amazed at the water in front of them.

Bath toys

Bring the bath toys outside and play with them in puddles. If you have a sprinkle bath toy use it to create your own rain or let some rubber ducks float around and watch the enjoyment that the children have from playing with familiar toys in different settings.

Puddle Jumping

While this may be the most obvious why not get involved and jump with the children? Have some fun and see their faces when you take a jump and create masses of water splashing everywhere. They will think it's fantastic that your playing with them and sharing the experiences.

Don't forget to take lots and lots of photo's to look back on. When you get back inside, dried everybody off and are sat nice and warm, go through them together, laugh at the funny faces being pulled, pick out your favourites and even print some off so the children can remember their fun day playing in the puddles.

The results from our fun in the garden were a happy but drenched little boy, full to the brim wellies and a camera full of amazing pictures. 

                              Oh and a soaking wet cat.

What fun do you have in puddles? It would be great if you shared your ideas in the comments below.

Lots of Love

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