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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March Summary

Didn't March just fly in? Anybody else think so? It's April and when we start to think, it won't be that long until summer. Time is flying in. It's my fiancé's birthday in 10 days and I've only just realised. Darn it I'm way too unorganised. Soon it will be May then June and before we know it half the year has gone. I'm not complaining as I cannot wait for some warmer weather, spring is certainly here and there have been days that have begun to feel warm, it's such an amazing feeling to see the sun shining outside and quickly heading out to make the most of it, or at least we have been. I've been swapping around make up and enjoying discovering long lost favourites of last years spring.

An update on my March spending ban? Ok well first I had to purchase gifts for Mother's Day but I don't see that as breaking the ban since it had to be done. I purchased a couple of haircare items, shampoo, conditioner and hair oil however I class these as necessities so I don't think they count. I also may have ahem purchased a Calvin Klein perfume gift set that was half price at Feel Unique. But thats all! Honest. I may not have stuck to it entirely but I did better than last month. I'm still undecided as to weather I will try again in April or wait until May to try again. 

I passed another unit for my level 2 Accounting qualification today so I'm relieved that's out of the way. Two left until I've fully completed the level 2 and I cannot wait to hopefully become a level 3 apprentice this year. Fingers crossed.

Back to Beauty and my monthly round up.

My favourite Blogs of the Month. 

Alexasunshine83 - I'm loving Alexa. She is super happy and just addictive to watch in her Youtube videos. She writes posts too and I honestly look forward to every new thing to come on her blog. She is also amazing to talk to and super friendly so do check her out. I've also totally got her opening song stuck in my head!!

Fat Beautyx - Such a lovely blogger with an amazing personality, super kind and a great writer. I love reading Lucie's blog and feel she really stays true to herself which is amazing. Lucie has a range of posts from beauty to fashion, lifestyle and hauls and I look forward to every single one. Check her out for some amazing posts.

Miss Beauty Obsession - Not only is Beth super lovely but a great writer also. She has amazing blog pictures and detailed honest reviews. Beth is very honest and open she also writes posts that many can relate to which many may not have the confidence to write about as openly. Great girl with a great blog.

and beauty or something. - I've only recently discovered Sarah's blog but I wish I'd found it sooner. I love the design of and beauty or something and Sarah's blog/instagram pictures are amazing. Sarah has only been writing and beauty or something since January but she is doing amazingly and has won the hearts of many. With great reviews and up to date new products you don't want to be missing out any longer.

Pearluxe - Seriously is this girl only 14? Not only is she absolutely beautiful but for being so young she is just an amazing writer. Pearl keeps Pearluxe up to date with posts ranging from lifestyle to beauty and also fashion. I'm sure she would really appreciate you checking out her blog. Oh and her name is Pearl?! How beautiful!

Most recent Blog discovery:

Andrew James Beauty Blog . I've only recently noticed Andrew around on Twitter, last week in fact. I know where have I been but I immediately headed over to Andrew's blog. He posts some pretty useful tips on Twitter so I couldn't wait to read posts written by him. I've enjoyed reading through Andrew James Beauty Blog and if your not already a follower, your really missing out on a great blog. 

Post I enjoyed writing most:

Marc Jacobs Dot Eau De Parfum was my favourite post to write this month. I honestly thought it might be really difficult writing a perfume review and trying to describe a scent but I surprised myself and found that the review just flowed. It may not be the best perfume review available but it was my own opinion and I really just enjoyed writing it.

Favourite post from February:

Alexasunshine83 I'm struggling to think of just one post simply because her videos are so amazing and I love them all. She posts them over on her blog and seriously this girl is just amazing. I can't wait for all her future blog posts and videos. Alexa has also just reached 200 followers on her Youtube channel so you need to head over and congratulate her.

Because a blogger mentioned: 

Bumble and Bumbles Shampoo and Conditioner's I decided it was time I treated my hair to some lovely products. I chose the Creme de Coco range as I'm loving the smell of coconut, it reminds me of the sun and beaches and all the other paradise related coconut smells. My hair is super shiny and really soft after using this a handful of times. So far a huge thumbs up.

My month in pictures:

I hope you've all had a fantastic March and have an amazing April. Anybody else taking part on in spending ban throughout April?

Lots of Love