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Friday, 11 July 2014

Birchbox July 2014

Birchbox July 2014 review

Since I last wrote a beauty related post there have been many changes. One of them, my Beauty Box addiction. Not only have I signed up to a couple of different subscription services but I find myself constantly on the hunt for the limited edition boxes or the one off boxes from the likes of Selfridges, Latest in Beauty and Net-a-Porter. 

As you can guess one of the subscriptions I now receive is Birchbox. I've only been signed up since last month and I have to admit, it was due to the fantastic box that every blogger and their pets have heard about, but the hope of being lucky enough to receive a Beauty Blender tempted me enough to sign up. Incase your interested I did receive one. Woohoo! but I'm here to talk about the July box and what I received this month.

I received my email yesterday to say the box had been dispatched and as tempted as I was to have a look at the surveys to see what was inside I resisted as I've already seen a few posts with what could have been in so I wanted my box to be a half surprise. I have to admit that after seeing a couple of other peoples Birchbox contents in my bloglovin' news feed I wasn't quite as excited as last month as I'm sure many of us weren't but that was an amazing box and it would be hard to top month after month so I decided to make the most of what was going to be inside since they do seem to be one of the better boxes, in my opinion.

Upon opening my box to reveal my contents I was pleasantly surprised with what was inside, I actually got quite excited taking out each item and having a better look and I'm pleased to say that I enjoyed this months box just as much as last months. Lets take a look at what was inside.

Birchbox July 2014 review
Birchbox July 2014 review
Birchbox July 2014 review

Laqa & Co. Lip Lube in Menatour
The item that stood out right away to me was the miniature lip pencil. It's shiny, it's cute and it's a make-up item so whats not to love? I had seen a couple of these in other boxes so I was secretly hoping for one and both shades looked great so I would have been happy to receive either. The shade I've received is the almost purple looking shade and it's just beautiful. 

Models Own Nail Polish. Sparkler.
This was an unexpected item but a great one at that, I love Models Own polishes and went crazy when they last had their 50% off sale so to see a beautiful shiny polish to add to my ever growing collection was just a pleasure. I hadn't seen any of these in other boxes so I really wasn't expecting to see something else that was perfectly suited to me.

Benefit Porefessional primer.
Say no more right? Benefit products are always welcome as I haven't found one I don't like yet and this is no exception. I have tried this before and although I don't feel a need to minimise the appearance of my pores as they aren't really noticeable, this feels really velvety and make-up sits lovely on top of this primer. Again, another surprise that I wasn't expecting and hadn't seen anybody else receive.

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream. 
A product that I knew would be in the box as Birchbox had sent out emails letting us know that all boxes would be receiving the Balance Me product. I couldn't wait to receive this and have been looking forward to the box arriving to try this one out. I love eye creams and have started using them religiously although yet to find my perfect one so this is another contender among my many others I'm currently working my way through.

Whish Body Butter - Lavender
I'm not going to lie this is the item that has caught my attention the least from the box but it has had some great competition. I'm still happy to have received it though and look forward to trying it out but I can't help to have slightly overlooked it when rummaging through the other goodies. I haven't heard of this brand before but this smells so amazing I'm actually tempted to use my Birchbox points on it.

Lifestyle Extra

Filosofille 4-sided Nail Buffer.
What a nice sized lifestyle extra to really fill up the box and a useful one at that. I'm forever looking for nail files that I've misplaced around the house so here's one that may be slightly harder to loose. I love these types with the different sides that file, buff, polish and add shine. They make doing my nails feel all professional and they're just fun, aren't they fun? It made me smile anyway.

July's Birchbox has for me been another fantastic box that I have really loved. Each product suits me perfectly and I couldn't have asked for a better box. I don't want to wish away time but I cannot wait for August's box and I will continue to stalk Birchbox's social media for spoilers and hints.

Do you receive Birchbox's each month? What did you receive in your July box?

Lots of Love

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