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Friday, 29 August 2014

Disappointing products #1

Disappointing Products

Whilst many bloggers don't like to write "bad" or "negative" reviews as I'm sure many will understand that it may not be fair to slate a product quite simply because it didn't work for them as it may just work for someone else perfectly, it's still nice to be in the know of what didn't work and why.
I'll admit that when I personally see a Disappointing Products post pop up in my Bloglovin' feed I scroll straight to it. I thoroughly enjoy seeing what hasn't worked for others and their reasons and find them really interesting especially if I too share the same views. It's sometimes refreshing to see a change in tone and for that reason I've decided to share what didn't quite work for me and more importantly why.

Disappointing Products

Palmer's Coconut Body Butter

I love the smell of Coconut. I'm currently hunting for the perfect product with the perfect holiday scent of Coconut. This isn't the one. I'm a huge fan of the Palmer's Cocoa Butter and believe it saved my skin whilst having my two children. I purchased this from Boots, walking around and the images of Coconut attracted me like a magpie to sparkles. I had a quick smell in-store and loving it I purchased the body butter and the body scrub to match. Once I got them home and upon using the body butter I couldn't believe this was the same product that had smelled so lovely back in-store. While the scent is appealing in the packaging, when applied it's one of the most artificial scents of Coconut I've ever smelt. It's unpleasent having it on and the smell most definitely sticks around. The Coconut Body Scrub however is a winner and I really like it but the Body Butter, I can't even use this one up.

Disappointing Products

Laura Mercier Brow Pencil

I'm not loving this for the reason it's just like a pencil full of brown wax. What was I expecting you ask? Well I've only tried one brow pencil before as I tend to use the powders but I once purchased Mac's Eye Brows pencil and loved it but found it rather expensive for the amount of product it contained. I really enjoy Laura Mercer as a brand and hoped that this would be a nice alternative to the Mac version seen as though I managed to pick it up in a sale. Unfortunately it's far too waxy for my liking, it doesn't apply smoothly, doesn't create a natural brow and great clumps of pencil/wax end up attaching to my brows which takes forever to resolve. It's hard to blend and if I try and brush through it all once I'm done for a softer look it just removes most of the product anyway. I think for my personal liking I will be sticking to more of a harder pencil next time or my all time favourite brow product the Benefit Gimmie Brow.

Disappointing Products

By Terry Cheek to Cheek Blush - Cherry Cruise

No, just no. I did not love this one bit, I tried and my goodness I tried hard but nothing, no love at all. I tried using this product in so many different ways but in the end it's come down to this, me having to write about such a beautiful looking idea in a negative way. I do however love the packaging and everything this is from the outside but it stops there. I had such high hopes for this but perhaps that was the problem. It's quick drying which leaves an unappealing stain on the cheek if not quickly "blended" and if this is applied after foundation it means having to start again to reverse the mess made. Also have you tried applying this to the face with the cute glass dropper inside? Well it runs down the face and again makes a mess, I even tried applying to the brush directly and then onto the face but it had mostly dried and still didn't find it to apply very naturally. Just to top it all off the colour is bright, unnaturally bright and hard to blend. For me it's not worth the large price tag and feel Benefit's similar offerings do a much better job.

Disappointing Products

Michael Van Clarke - 3 More Inches range

I'm slightly do I don't I with this one and my reasons being that I received the travel set as a gift for Christmas last year and fell head over heels in love with every product in the little set. I really thought it was my holy grail haircare range and so I went ahead and purchased the Box Set containing all 3 full sized times only to be left oh so disappointed in them. You see it started with the smell, the full sized were completely unscented whilst the travels had a beautiful salon scent and after a few uses and my hair becoming a big knotted dull mess, I'd had enough and actually emailed Michael Van Clark's company to address my issues. I received a reply and they stated that the larger products indeed were scentless however the formula should be the same and in the future they are looking into bringing these out with the scent as-well. As far as I'm concerned if the full sized are scentless then an ingredient somewhere is obviously excluded and therefore the formula is different? However not being an expert I can't be sure of this but that's what it would suggest to me anyhow. I think it was down to the difference that left a change in my hair although I was told it must have been due to a change in my own personal circumstances, which I thought was slightly discourtious as nobody knows my  hair better than myself and had it been due to my circumstances I am aware that it may have made a difference. So I loved the travel sized but feel as though they aren't a true representation of the more expensive full sized which I would have believed to have been the same. 

Disappointing Products

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara 

Why hello old friend, remember when we were madly in love and no other mascara could come between us? Yes, 4 year ago it was devotion, I fell hook, line and sinker for this mascara and it's big barrel brush. I'd happily have told you that if I could only use one mascara for the rest of my life, this would be it! Fast forward a few years and goodness knows how many other mascaras and I eventually got around to repurchasing. (Mascaras come and go and then I was given another brand and slowly my original Max Factor dried up and whilst using another I didn't have a need to repurchase at the time.) This has to be my most disappointing product simply because there was such fondness once upon a time. I will not use this now, at all. What changed? I have no idea. All I can remember was the big barrel brush and how it could make my eyelashes touch my eyebrows when I looked up. Now it does absolutely nothing for me and I may as-well have just had my lashes tinted lightly. There is no length, no volume, and a whole load of smudging on my face. This is even the waterproof offering. It's hard to remove though which may be a bonus for some... but not me.

I hope I haven't sounded too downbeat although I quite enjoyed getting some of the above off my chest. Hopefully it's been interesting for you to find out what hasn't lived up to my expectations and I'd love to know if you share the same views about anything mentioned.
Are there any products you've found disappointing lately?

Lots of Love

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