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Friday, 12 September 2014

Debenhams #Sharetowear Co-Buy

Just a quick post to let people know about an amazing co-buy happening at the moment.


Debenhams have teamed up with Buyapowa to bring a great saving to everybody who gets involved. 

Basically whats happening is that you buy a gift card here for £15.00, automatically your £15.00 gift card will turn into a £26.00 gift card for you to spend at Debenhams and the more people who join the more your gift card is worth. There aren't many left and soon they will be worth double what you have paid if enough people get involved.

This is just a brief post to let others know so for the full information and terms etc head over to the co-buy and take a look.

If your following me on Twitter you may have already seen me tweet about this and how it may be a good idea to get involved as it may help towards starting your Christmas shopping? I know I said the C word but it's coming and it's coming fast, just an idea but nethertheless whatever you choose to spend it on it's nice knowing you've got a great deal and I hear that it's also valid on Debenhams Beauty hall! 

2 Days left and only 83 gift cards available....

Get your's here now.

UPDATE, All of the #sharetowear vouchers are now sold however do keep an eye out for the next event to grab an exciting deal.

Lots of Love

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