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Monday, 5 January 2015

Tianne | Queen of the Fairies

Tianne - TEE-ann - one who is Queen of the fairies

I know the garden has fairies, it's so big and beautiful that they must live in there somewhere. Sprinkling their magic over the flowers every season and simply doing a gorgeous job. I want Tianne to carry on the love for fairies and believe for as long as possible. Playing with Photoshop can bring some children's charming beliefs to life and I've had such fun putting together some special 'memories' that she'll be able to look back on to keep the magic in her heart.

All these images are identical but with different effects. I couldn't decide which I preferred and there are so many different ways to make photo's look magical that I decided to have a few effects to keep forever.

I learn effects using Photoshop by trial and error and love to pick out photos that I think will make a nice project. I've still got a long way to go to edit photo's properly but for our own viewing and having some fun I think I'm certainly improving.

Lots of Love

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