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Friday, 20 March 2015

Cohorted Beauty Box | March 2015

Cohorted March Beauty Box 2015

Hello Everybody!

Happy official first day of Spring. I'm sure feeling upbeat these past few days. What's better than feeling great and having your favourite day of the month in one week? That's right, yesterday was Cohorted delivery day and March's edition of the new Beauty Box was delivered.

I honestly had no idea of what to expect in this box, surely it couldn't quite top the first box could it? Also were Cohorted going to keep up the amazingness we'd seen in February or was that just a good introduction box? 
I'm not sure I've ever been so excited for a delivery. I know there was a couple of posts up already about the contents but I do like this to be a surprise so I've had to be very careful when reading through blogs on Bloglovin' incase it popped up.

What a surprise it was. Can you believe that I opened up the box to have this lot sitting and staring back at me! 

Cohorted March Beauty Box 2015
Cohorted March Beauty Box 2015

Yes, I was one of the super lucky ones to receive one of the 5 boxes that contained a Too Faced  Semi-sweet Chocolate bar palette! 
My heart started racing and I just wanted to squeal I was so happy. 

Aside from the palette, what a fantastic box. I said it last month and I'll say it again this month! Best Beauty Box ever! Seriously, Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay and Sleek. 3 full sized amazing brand products for £19.99!! 

Cohorted March Beauty Box 2015
Cohorted March Beauty Box 2015

What I think of the contents:

Fast becoming one of my ultimate favourites (that's right I have favourites, amazing favourites and ultimate favourites!) is Too Faced. Their mascara is the best I've ever used and I'll never be without it again... ever. I have the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and I LOVE it, it smells of chocolate, people! I've slowly been collecting palettes that contain the ever popular chocolate soleil bronzer. I'm a Too Faced addict, honestly! So beside the Too Faced palette there was also a single eyeshadow. One of the Exotic Colour Intense Eyeshadows to be exact in the shade Copper Peony. 
Cohorted really are on the ball aren't they. Instead of sending the least popular shades like many other boxes tend to do, they send something that's going to be popular with many as of late. We've all seen just how popular copper and rose gold are at the moment so this is perfectly fitting with current trends! It's just beautiful and I don't think they could have picked a better shade!

Next is the Sleek Precious Metals Highlighting Palette. Now believe it or not I was over at Cohorted's site just the other day trying to get ahold of April's Beauty box, in which I failed miserably, and instead had a browse to try and cheer myself up. I came across this exact palette and realised in that moment just how much I really really wanted to try this. I umm'd and ahh'd for awhile before finally deciding to leave it as I'd have to pay delivery and that would fast bring the discounted price back up. Can you believe that the same palette that was in my basket, that I very nearly purchased, was inside the box? What? That just doesn't happen! But yes it was and I've even checked to make sure I'm not imagining it either! It's the same! So you can say I'm pretty darn chuffed with the second item in there.

Third item is an Urban Decay Perversion mascara sample. Now a mascara sample is nothing to get fantastically excited about however still a great sample to receive. I like to have these mini's for going away on holiday or weekends away or even to have in my bag and be kept there for use on the go. Last months box contained a Bobbi Brown mascara sample so the brands are impressive indeed although I'm wondering if there will be mascara in next months box too or if it will be a different sample?

Last but not least is Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment in light. By far the most expensive item and retails at double the amount paid for the box. Firstly it's a perfect shade for me as I'm fair skinned so I'll actually be able to use it. Secondly it's going to be the first ever Bare Minerals product that I've tried. I'm one of these people who has redness on my face and freckles therefore Bare Minerals simply hasn't appealed to me before and comes across as far too sheer for my personal preference, this is just an assumption though but it's also been too expensive to try if it's not for me. Quite honestly I'm not sure what to expect from this but nethertheless I'm pleased that it was included as it may just be the introduction I needed into Bare Minerals and you never know I may just find a new favourite product.

Cohorted March Beauty Box 2015Finally just a quick word on the Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette that was included. I'm unlucky when it comes to winning, I don't think I've ever won anything before so to be one of the 5 people who had this included in the box was ah-ma-zing. I was just so so happy when I opened the box and I still can't believe it now. As I mentioned I love Too Faced and the fact that this isn't available in the UK just yet is super exciting, it couldn't have been a better item. It's simply beautiful, smells amazing enough to eat and has a lovely collection of nice easy to use shades. I purchased my original Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette from Cohorted when they had it in a cohort so it will be interesting to properly compare them and review them together.

Did any of you manage to pre-order Aprils box? What did you make of the contents this month?

Lots of Love

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