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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

50 Happy Things

Firstly I'd like to say a huge thanks to Stacey over at Love is Blind for the tag. I love tags and continuing on with these posts as they give us all something in common and a chance to learn more about each other. 
I've been looking forward to having a spare 5 minutes to come up with my 50 happy things so here we go.

1. My number one is Dan, He is always there to cheer me up and is just my best friend. He makes me really happy and without him I wouldn't have my number 2 happy things.

2. Tyler and Tianne. They're equal to Dan as we are all one family but again they make me incredibly happy although also sometimes completely stressed.  

3. My make up collection. Yes it's rather large but I am a crazy makeup collector, I love it and can't seem to stop buying it.

4. My YouTube channel. It's very new, actually just over a week old but already I'm proud of the videos I've posted and realising that I've got these amazing memories to look back at on my channel spurs me on to make more.

5. My Blog, I abandoned Dear Twans, With Love for awhile as I mentioned in this post but I'm back and with a YouTube channel, I feel now the children are slightly older I've got that little bit of extra time and I want to make it work for the future and as an online diary of sorts.

6. Being creative, from designing my blogs, to designing leaflets for family and friends, I love and thoroughly enjoy sitting with Photoshop and experimenting to see what I can come up with.

7. Sunshine. Enough said!

8. Holidays, I may have said sunshine but holidays are completely different, yes the nice weather but also the different countries, adventures and cultures all waiting to be explored.

9. Cheerleading. I love cheer and everything that goes with it, the bows, the outfits, the routines, the music, the competitions, the hard work. All of it and not only that but the fact it gives me some me time, it keeps me sane!

10. Applying makeup. So my make up collection makes me happy but so does actually applying it, not on myself but for others, for occasions such as weddings, proms etc I've had the pleasure of applying for people on their special days and it really fills me with joy when they see the finished result and are happy with the effort gone into it.

11. Chocolate. I wish it didn't but unfortunately it does and I can't stop it. Why it couldn't be celery I'll never know.

12. Online shopping. Again I wish it didn't but receiving a parcel in the post is like Christmas, Best feeling ever! 

13. The hall, wasn't sure weather to include this as it's a love/hate relationship but where we live makes me incredibly happy in the warmer summer months and we are very fortunate to have such a beautiful place we call home.

14. Australia. It's where all my childhood memories lie and it's just my happy place. 

15. Reading, I don't get to read much, what with blogging and vlogging and being mummy but when I do it only takes me a day or two to finish a book because I become so immersed in them.

16. Technology. I can't live without it, whether it's watching a good programme, browsing the internet or texting somebody. It just makes me happy having such advanced pieces of equipment to hand.

17. My camera. I love photography and taking photos of the kids. To sit and look back through the day in pictures is lovely.

18. Friends, old and new. It's nice to have people around and to socialise when adult conversation is needed.

19. Fresh Bedding, no nicer feeling.

20. Dubai, Dan has relatives living there and we miss them very much so we're lucky enough to occasionally visit them and because we're visiting family it's become a place we associate with them and that makes me happy.

21. Family, More often then not were getting on fine and when we are they make me happy.

22. Dans family. I get on well with them all and it's a blessing really. I'm quite close with his sister in particular and it's just a nice feeling that we get on so well.

23. Christmas. I love Christmas and look forward to it all year.

24. Giving presents/gifts. Be it birthdays, occasions or christmas, I put so much though into most things that I gift and it makes me so happy when I can give to others.

25. Days out. Sometimes they can be stressful but usually they result in adventures and memories being made.

26. Fake Tan. I love the feeling and the confidence it gives. I'm not one for lying under a sunbed and being incredibly pale most of the year it's nice to have that feeling of being tanned and wearing shorts in public.

27. Finding a good hairdresser, yes I'm one of these people who cries for days if a hairdresser visit goes wrong so to find a good one is a nice feeling.

28. Learning or collecting qualifications, depending how you look at it. I really enjoy going to college and constantly pushing myself to receive certificates. I always think they might come in handy for the future.

27. A lie in, Dan and I take turns every weekend so we can both have that extra hour in bed and it's amazing!

30. Gingerbread Lattes and Vitacoco Lemonade. My favourite drinks ever! 

31. Music. I love putting on music super loud and just singing and dancing like a crazy person. My happy song of the moment is Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor. 

32. The last of the housework being completed. It means I can sit and blog or play with the kids without the feeling of guilt and a nice clean home.

33. Writing lists, I've no idea why but ticking off whatever on there gives a feeling of satisfaction and I actually enjoy listing things.

34. Primark. I don't live near one so it's a rare occurrence for me to be in one and when I am, well I'm happy!

35. Baby Animals. Awww just so cute, I do like big animals too but there's just something about the cuteness of mini ones that instantly adds a smile to my face.

36. New followers and subscribers. It really makes me so happy and thankful that people choose to follow us both by blog and YouTube! Big shoutout to current followers and a huge thank you! 

37. Disney movies. Especially those with princesses in. I love Disney princesses and could sit and watch Disney movies all day every day.

38. Being Pampered. I'm a typical girly girl who loves to be pampered although it's a very rare occurrence with two little ones.

39. Scouring Pinterest. Home decor and inspiration for our own home when the time comes, inspirational quotes, hair tutorials, blog designs...

40. PAYDAY! woo, payday sure makes me pretty happy. Although it doesn't last very long it's still a relaxing feeling when there are pennies in the bank.

41. Date nights. It's actually quite rare that we have them but when we do it's nice to get all dressed up and feel great.

42. Family days, when we are a complete family and just being us. Sitting in or days out it doesn't matter when we're together.

43. Tyler's quotes that he comes out with. Sometimes I wonder how old he really is and wonder where he picks up these things from. They really fill me with joy and laughter.

44. Seeing the kids having fun. Who isn't happy at watching their kids having a great time?

45. Finding new friends online, the mummy community has been so accepting and friendly, I've already found new friends who I seem to have so much in common with. *waves like crazy*

46. Unicorns. Perhaps a little weird but I love them and they're just so beautiful. Being magical they make me happy and yes I do believe. Horses are cool too though!

47. Watching girly chick flicks, think Mean girls, Sex and the City (only recently discovered) Bridesmaids, Bring it on...

48. White. The colour white relaxes me and makes everything seem brighter. So white photos, white walls, white bedding. You get where I'm going with this. 

49. Saving makes me pretty happy although I'm the worst saver. I think I've got saved 42p so therefore Dan controls the finances and he does a pretty good job of saving. Go Dan!! 

50. The future. I have plans and hopes and dreams for the future and if everything was to go to plan then I'd be very happy. It's still pretty exciting though not knowing what will happen and when! Sure keeps me on my toes.

So there we have 50 things that make me happy. I found the first 30 pretty easy actually but the started to slow down and had to think slightly more so I didn't end up repeating myself. I really hope you've enjoyed finding out what makes me happy and would love to read any 50 Happy Things posts that you've done or hopefully about to do.
I'd like to tag anybody who would like to do this and would love for you to leave links in the comments then everyone can check them out. 

Lots of love 

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