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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale

Waiting for the Zara sale was actually unbearable. 
You see, only recently have I discovered how reasonably priced Zara clothing items truly are. I previously assumed that Zara was an expensive, high end store full of wonders that would simply destroy my bank account should I even take an innocent glance and for that reason I shyed away.
How I finally came to the realisation that I was in fact wrong, very wrong is irrelevant and all you need now be aware of is that Zara is fast becoming my favourite online shop. Not only for myself but more importantly the kids!

It goes without saying that whilst I was there, in my element, browsing the pages of this majestic website I accidentally managed to place things into my virtual basket and without thinking twice I'd checked out and sat back wondering if this was real? Had I really managed to pick up such beautiful pieces for such a little amount?

My Zara obsession soon began after receiving and being delighted with each and every single item. I placed yet another order two days later. This was June.
I then began to realise that other shops were starting their Summer sales. Fast as I could I was back looking at the now familiar homepage of Zara but no sale.

My impatient self began googling previous years sales and their start dates, I even turned to Twitter wondering when this would start. I was saving hard and ready to shop!

Days, possibly weeks and what felt like months passed and I seen it, that one tweet from a fellow follower announcing the start of the sale!
I added so much to my basket that I received the notification that I'd exceeded my basket contents allowance. Two checkouts later and I was sitting all smug that I'd gotten my hands on items adorning my wishlists at superb discounts.

Whilst I have returned some of the items and placed yet another sale order these are my final sale picks that I've been happy with and decided to keep.

Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale
Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale

I've also picked up a selection of other bits and pieces that I've decided to store away for various people's christmas presents! I know, I know, I start early. What can I say! Obviously so long as the clothing is fitting for the Winter season then the Zara Sale is a perfect opportunity to prepare and begin the festive buying.

Zara Sale Picks and Haul #ZaraSale

So whilst I've picked up a nice selection of items I can't help but carry on checking the sale and what's still available. Unfortunately this means that I've got nine items sitting in that darn virtual basket, just waiting to be perfectly boxed and sent here, to me.
Wish me luck!

Lots of Love

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