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Friday, 7 August 2015

NEW Kiehl's Daily Revival Concentrate

There's no two ways about it, I lack a radiant complexion.
I know why, there are a few reasons behind my dull and tired skin.
A lack of sleep; staying up late despite the kids being in bed at 7.30 has taken is toll. I'm always finding myself with heavy under-eyes that are quite dark in colour and dull skin.
Eating unhealthily; I try my best to ensure the kids eat as healthily as possible but then I find myself eating rubbish, some weeks I won't have any fruit despite having plenty in because I want to save it for the kids to eat so a lack of nutrients means my complexion isn't as glowing as it could be. 
Other factors that contribute to my skin not looking its best are the fact I barely drink any liquids throughout the day, I should be consuming 8 glasses of water and instead all I have is perhaps 4-5 cups of tea and lastly and one that I'm quite ashamed to admit is that I rarely take off my make up before bed, rarely moisturise and on even rarer occasions exfoliate.

After typing out all of the above, I honestly can't blame my skin for craving some affection! We only have one face and I am clearly not looking after mine like I could or should be!

My skin's fatigued and it's showing. As a vlogger I'm constantly seeing myself when I'm playing back and editing footage and after recently swapping from iPhone to Canon G7x I see the affects in HD and cringe as I watch myself talking to the camera, knowing that I can't just cut it all out and I'm about to share it with the world. Even make-up can only cover so much and that's when I get the time to apply, most of my vlogs are me bare faced, no make up, dull skin.

I've recently discovered a quick fix though! Whilst I'm going to be putting much more effort into trying to achieve a natural radiant complexion, it won't happen overnight so therefore I'll be turning to my new favourite skincare product!

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate.

Can I just take a moment to say Thank You to Kiehl's for creating exactly what I needed, the product that I should never have been going without. The new concentrate that is just so bloody good and gives my face a new life!

This miracle product has made me realise that I need to be doing more for my skin and has helped me to see what I'm missing by not loving and appreciating my skin properly!

The Daily Reviving Concentrate is amazing, it smells so fresh and uplifting. A smell you want to apply every morning to start the day. It feels weightless when you're applying and massaging into the skin but gives a nice soft, even distribution. I expect this to feel oily every time I'm applying as it's got naturally-derived oils in the formula but it's non greasy and the skin soaks it up wonderfully.

My skin looks energised! Instantly! It goes from tired looking, dry patches and dull under-eyes to fresh, even and glowing! It looks healthy and that is so important. To have healthy, well looked after skin and to start giving it some life back.

I usually try to wait a little while if I'm applying make up as I really like to let the product sink in and do it's job before I cover it over. I don't think this actually makes any difference as to when make up can be applied and is more in my mind but we all have our little routines and lets face it any extra care is a bonus for me. I can pair this with all of my usual favourite foundations however I've really been loving it with a foundation that I couldn't previously use as it simply wouldn't work for me. So far this has become my favourite combination of products whilst I've been using the Daily Reviving Concentrate. Another bonus is it's my only drugstore foundation so I'm finally getting some use out of an unused product and it's cheaper than my other foundations.

Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I've been over to Kiehl's website as I was so impressed by the Daily Reviving Concentrate that I'm eyeing up the night version of this, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Something that caught my eye were the prices. I can honestly say that I was expecting extravagant prices and that I'd be saving up for a long time but they aren't and are in-fact very reasonable which I was super happy about. Not to mention the free samples, free delivery and complimentary gift boxing! 

I was sent the Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate as a Klout perk, if your yet to sign up to Klout I would 100% recommend it. The Daily Reviving Concentrate will be available from Kiehls.co.uk from September but you can join the waiting list at dailyrevival.co.uk and may even win a full sized bottle ahead of the nationwide launch.

Will you be trying the Daily Reviving Concentrate? Any tips on how to stick to a skin care regime are most welcome.

Lots of Love