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Sunday, 27 December 2015

December 2015 Sale Picks

Boxing Day Sales, December 2015 Sales, Makeup Revolution, Abercrombie, Hollister, Hotel Chocolat, Monsoon

I've made the most of the Boxing Day sales this year. Not that I don't usually but I've started next years Christmas shopping and I'm not even ashamed to admit it, I've managed to pick up quite a few items which I'd have probably chosen this year had I of found them earlier so I'm rather pleased with myself to say the least.  I haven't told Dan about my savvy shopping however, I think I'll leave that part unsaid. 

I've been particularly impressed with a few sales however, enough to spread the word and hope you manage to pick up some bargains. Other sales I've been equally disappointed with particularly SpaceNK, Stila and FeelUnique. I don't feel the beauty sales have been hitting it this year like they have in the past.

Here's my top picks for the Boxing Day Sales 2015 

Lush is a sale I've never taken much notice of in the past but I've now learned that they have a 50% off sale online and in store which is pretty amazing, Lush is great, I love Lush products so theres a couple of things I need in my life. I did try and get onto the Lush sale Boxing Day evening however I was number 14793 in the queue and it was going to take well over an hour to enter the site so I decided against the chance to go crazy when I finally got on, today however there are still some items left and no queue! Winner! 
My favourites include the Lush Snow Fairy Castle £10.98, Lush Golden Wonders Bath Bomb £1.98 and Lush it's Christmas Deer Gift Box £13.25

Makeup Revolution's sale has probably been my favourite beauty sale this year, I managed to spend about £30.50 on makeup despite already having enough makeup to last me a lifetime, It's my weak spot in life. But with eyeshadows starting from as little as 50p you can't go wrong and there is no harm in adding a few extra palettes to life right?
Favourites from the Sale are the Brow Palette £4.00, Cream Blush Palette £4.00, Ultra Professional Collection 2016 £10.00 and Ultra Professional Blush & Highlight Expert £6.00

Hotel Chocolat has a small sale on now, as though we haven't indulged enough over Christmas! But if you've got a love for luxury chocolate then it's perhaps a good time to pick up some whilst its on offer. We're talking 50% off, if your quick then you can get it ordered before your New Years Resolutions!

Other Sales that I've been really impressed with and picked up a couple of things from are the Abercrombie sale, many items are 50% off. Don't forget to check out the kids section too!

The Hollister & Co sale, for a cheaper alternative to the Abercrombie & Fitch but still just as great items. 

The Zara sale, this goes without saying really, again check out what the kids section has to offer!

The Monsoon/ Accessorize sale. I've bought all of Tianne's Birthday presents from here for her 3rd Birthday in March. I'm so impressed with the savings and the selection!

Hopefully you manage to go and pick yourself a wonderful saving, let me know if you decide on anything I've mentioned above!

Have you loved any particular sales this year? I'd love to know what you'd recommend. 

Lots of Love