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Monday, 18 January 2016

Weekly Meal Plan & Menu | January

Happy Monday! 

I told myself that I'd get right back into blogging come the new year, like I'd instantly become a regular blogger just because the year changed to 2016. Wishful thinking!

It wasn't actually my fault that my plan didn't go to... well, plan. You see we've just moved house *Big Gasp* and we've been through the hellish weeks of having no internet whilst it's being transferred over! Nightmare, absolute nightmare, surviving without the internet now is just plain hard work! I had to drive to the next village just for 3G! Country side joys I guess.

But nevertheless it's back on now and the strange confused feeling I felt from going cold turkey internet style has almost disappeared, which means I can post my, now two weeks late, blog post!

It's something that I've never done before but with some new goals in place, ahem become organised, preparing a meal plan in advance feels like I've gone through some magical transformation, I've actually had a meal on the table at the end of almost every day! For two weeks straight! 

I'm finding myself going on now, as I tend to do when I finally sit down and blog, like that isn't a clear enough indicator to blog more? 

I've included meals for myself on the days that the kids are at Nursery, just so I can keep checking and hopefully stay on track, I'm trying to cut down on carbs, so therefore I'll obviously pass on the carb options, no Mash for me!

I'll be trying to post Meal Plans every Monday from now on, it's working for me, just having an idea in place takes most of the hard work away. As I make meals, if everything goes to plan I'll hopefully be able to link to recipes I've found and tried and that have worked for us so you can take a look at those too.

Menu, Meal Plan, Weekly Meal Plan and Menu

Do you like to meal plan in advance? Any tips on how to change things up weekly, I'd love to hear them!

Lots of Love

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