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About us

Dear Twans, With Love... 
A Journey To The Sunshine.

Becki - Mummy

I'm 23, I'm training to become an AAT qualified accountant while raising two young children. I enjoy blogging and also write over at Lashes and Bows, a beauty blog full of information on all kinds of wonderful beauty products and tutorials. I'm a shopaholic, I can't help myself although I'm trying to cut down to save some money. I'm lucky enough to be an Australian citizen, something I'm extremely proud of and because I'm a citizen it means the twins are lucky enough to be also. I'm a dreamer looking for adventure, unfortunately I'm not a lover of cold weather or rain so most of the seasons here leave me longing for some warm sunshine. I'm a cheerleader and cheer for two squads, we attend competitions all over the UK. A great way of keeping fit and to accompany the cheer I attend weekly gymnastics sessions which are great fun. I have a love for photography, I'm not a professional I simply enjoy taking photo's and would love to go on some photography courses in the future to increase my skills as a hobby.

Dan - Daddy

Dan's 22, He is a qualified electrician who would like to further his career into Engineering in the future. Dan doesn't like to spend money, although we have only begun to seriously save he is the one who will take control and keep us on track. He can't stand mess, which can be great but at the same time while having two young children can be hard work. Dan enjoys thinking up new ideas and producing them, he can spend weeks building something he has thought about and once complete move onto something new. He builds things for the family such as the twins swing set and sandbox, very much a handyman who will try his hand to anything. An outdoors kind of person, on the weekends and in his spare time he will be found in the garden or heard on his little tractor with Tyler not far behind. With a love for food he is the better cook between us and is certainly where Tianne picked up her eating habits from. Being known to run like a duck he prefers to be on bikes be it motocross or mountain. The only one without an Australian Citizenship he is keen to join the rest of us and believes the sunshine is where we belong.

The Twans

Tyler Daniel- Twan 1
2 years old, Nicknamed Wan. 
Tantrum expert. Igglepiggle, puddle jumping, outside lover who enjoys an orange or two and being chased.

Tianne Cherie - Twan 2.
1 year old, Nicknamed T or Bob.
 Dimple boasting, pink wearing, tunnel lover. Sleepaholic and foodie, who's still teeny tiny but can sure show Tyler who's boss. 

Dear Twans, With Love is like our online diary, recording our lives, events and happenings, a parent & lifestyle blog thats also going to follow our dreams of moving abroad as a family.

Our aim is to move August 2016, so over the next few years you will be able to follow us as we put out plans into action and hopefully our move. 

 I hope Dear Twans, With Love will be something that the Twans will be able to look back on and be able to trace back through all our experiences as they grow up.

They may not be twins but with a small age gap and being so close, combining their nicknames certainly makes them Twans.