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PR companies or brands are welcome to contact me regarding product samples or posts, I only accept samples that I believe to be fitting with the nature of Dear Twans, With Love.

Contact me via email: deartwanswithlove@aol.com


I will always give a 100% honest and unbiased opinion of any goods featured on Dear Twans, With Love regardless of Pr samples or purchased myself. As of March 2014 any items that have been sent to me for the purpose of review will be marked with an asterix (*) and/or stated so in the post itself. Unless marked with an asterix (*) all items have been bought and paid for by me or family members.


All photographs used are my own and taken by myself unless otherwise stated. If I use an image from another source I shall provide a credit or link where possible. All content, opinions and views are my own unless otherwise stated.

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