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Tianne Cherie

Meet Tianne, Tianne may be small but she certainly has a large personality to make up for her size.
Happy and adventurous.
Tianne is 1 year old and is currently the same size that Tyler was at 5 month old, still in size 3-6 month clothing she is making the most of the little life.

Tianne likes to play with Tyler, following him everywhere he goes, she loves the tent and tunnel and could sit in front of the washer and dryer for hours. She loves to crawl and is currently discovering a love of climbing. Tianne prefers the iPhone to the iPad but she's certainly learning to use it and will interrupt Tyler playing whenever she gets a chance. 

Tianne like to watch the tv, her favourite films to watch being Tangled and Cinderella but also developing a love for In the Night Garden just like her big brother.

Tianne has visited Dubai with Tyler when she was 7 month old and loved the attention and the sunshine.

Tianne loves to dance and will try to bounce on the trampoline, her favourite game is chase Tyler or chase the hoover. She is much more of an indoors person at the moment but once the Summer has arrived I'm sure she will enjoy it outside just as much as Tyler does. 

Tianne has a love for food. She will eat anything you offer her and will often finish Tyler's meals aswell as finish her own. It's not unusual for Tianne to eat 4 Weetabix covered with milk for breakfast although we aren't sure where she puts it all being tiny in size.
Another of Tianne's great loves in life is sleeping. She is known to wake anytime between 12 noon and 1pm some days from a bedtime of 7pm the night before. Although her usual wake time is 9am.

Tianne really dislikes the word no. If she's told no she will pull a face and start to squeal, it's put on and it soon disappears if nobody takes any notice but its funny nonetheless.

Being good as gold she is quite the opposite to her brother but I can only imagine that she will start to pick up on some of his behaviour.

Tianne is more Timid than Tyler but still makes herself known and is always happy, She knows what she wants and is on her own journey of discovery.