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Tyler Daniel

Meet Tyler, Tyler's the eldest of the Twans 
Cheeky and full of mischief.
Tyler has bucket loads of energy, he enjoys running around and loves playing outside. 
His favourite toys are his tent and tunnel, his tractors and diggers and he loves playing on the iPad.

Tyler likes to play in sand and likes to paint. He loves to jump in puddles and will try to climb anything he can.
He attends nursery twice a week for an hour and a half each day giving him some time to socialise and play away from home. Although it was difficult trying to settle Tyler in at first he is now happy to attend and looks forward to his weekly nursery visits.

Tyler has attended swimming lessons in the past and went for an underwater photoshoot, I hope to resume swimming as soon as some places become available as I think it's a skill that could save a life if he was to ever fall into water.

Tyler likes to watch dvd's although he rarely sits still to watch a full one. He likes the Disney classics but also loves The Yummy Gummy Search For Santa, Puss in Boots and the Madagascar series.

Tyler has been away on holiday 3 times to date, Turkey when he was 6 month, Dubai when he was a year old and back to Dubai when he was almost 2.

Tylers speaking is becoming clearer and we are able to make out short sentences such as "What are you doing Mummy/Daddy", "Come on Tianne", "Tianne hide" and "What's that?"

Tyler has tantrums regularly and can be quite mischievous and sometimes naughty, we try to deal with this behaviour by either using a time out chair, where we will explain the problem and give him 2 minutes sat alone to calm down, this was suggested to us by our health visitor and has proven to be extremely effective for us and has done wonders when Tyler blows into a full on tantrum. Our other method of "discipline" is the naughty chair, similar to the time out chair but we explain that what he has done was naughty and again he has to sit alone for 2 minutes, at the end of the two minutes we ask for an apology and then kisses and cuddles. The naughty step is used for naughtiness such as trying to hurt Tianne or the cat, he is always given a warning and if he carries on then it's straight to the naughty chair.

Tyler is an explorer at heart and will play and climb and bounce all day long, since this is how he was brought up it's difficult to tire him out but thats what makes him Tyler and we wouldn't have it any other way.